•  Miten Says Fitness: Transforming Lives With Sustainable Fitness Regimes
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    Miten Says Fitness: Transforming Lives With Sustainable Fitness Regimes

    It's fascinating to watch how the demand for fitness-related goods and services has increased over the past ten years, as the fitness industry in India has developed. One of the many important elements that have contributed to the rise in consumers' interest in fitness and their active pursuit of products and services to support their continued fitness is the development of technology and the democratization of knowledge. Downloads of fitness apps have greatly increased since the year 2020 has begun. According to the World Economic Forum, the number of health and fitness apps downloaded globally in Q1 and Q2 increased by 46 percent. India saw an enormous 156 percent increase in app downloads which was the largest. In response to market needs, a number of companies have established...


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