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  • 10 Best In-Person & Digital Fitness Startups - 2023

    Technology Advancements Driving the Future of Fitness Industry Leave the anxiety, Throw out the stress and Surrender to a Sturdy Session of Digital Workout Taking out time for physical activity is very crucial yet, in such a hectic corporate life, it is nearly impossible. It is the keyfactor which made the idea of digital fitness so popular. On the other hand, it is cost efficient, time saving as it minimizes the travel time and offers to dedicate a long strong hour into physical activity and that too being in the cozy corner of living room. "Ensure a disease-free future, enduring an hour of sweaty workout session and live a better life with a fitter and healthier version of you" The idea of digital fitness hit the market after the deadly attack of covid-19...

10 Best In-Person & Digital Fitness Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Miten Says Fitness Miten Says Fitness Miten Kakaiya, Founder & Designated Partner Fascinating lives with ultimate fitness, the company provides customized online fitness programs and meal plans helping to build a sustainable lifestyle by offering various range of services in affordable prices
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Chronicofit Chronicofit Manjunath Shamanna, Founder Transforming lives with personalized fitness training, this company is dedicated to help clients to achieve their health and fitness goals with high qualified and certified trainers by offering in person personal training and they also provide diet plans for chronic medical conditions
DAILYDUMBBELL DAILYDUMBBELL Kapil Patle, Co-Founder & COO Striving to carry high-quality fitness journey to reach Indian's fitness habits through making health an essential part of their lifestyle, the company provides efficient and customized workout solutions with subscription options for their clientsc
Fitclub Fitclub Rishi Kumar Jangid & Akshay Sharma, Founders Making fitness thrilling by captivating fusion of yoga and dance, the company provides tailored fitness programs to seniors, postnatal mothers, and individuals with unique training support based on their health conditions
FitFormance FitFormance Mrunal Ved, Founder Focused on holistic fitness training to add a value to the goals of fitness freaks, the company provides performance based fitness solutions and organized personal training programs along with enhancing lifestyle and physical strength habits to prevent diseases
Haachiko Fitness Haachiko Fitness Manish Parab & Adib Shaikh, Co-Founders Empowering the people for optimal fitness journey, the company provides a customised workout and diet plans through virtual programs and educating them how it works with their functional training programs
Muscle Layman Muscle Layman Pankaj N, Founder & Head Coach Simplifying the art of nutrition and fitness, the company provides strength traing systems with complete assistance. The team trains the clients with most scientific and nutrition strategies to ensure sustainable life style changes for improved health and overall performances of life
Paramaguru Fitnes Paramaguru Fitnes Paramaguru, Founder Empowering the weight loss journey, the fitness centre provides guidance to reduce weight in organic and healthy way. They resolve various health complications and educates about dieting and intermittent fasting
Posse Fitness Training Posse Fitness Training Pawan Sharma, Managing Director Catering to individual needs and preference, the firm provides wide range of customized and personalized workout plan and also offers personel rehabilitation and effective reconditioning training programs
Protoletics Protoletics Abhishek Munian, CEO With a team of certified personel trainers, the company provides fitness training and diet plans to achieve fitness goals by assisting clients to transform their lives with offering customized nutritional plans and aslo rendering personalized attention to each individuals