Miten Says Fitness: Transforming Lives With Sustainable Fitness Regimes

   Miten Kakaiya,    Founder & Designated Partner

Miten Kakaiya

Founder & Designated Partner

It's fascinating to watch how the demand for fitness-related goods and services has increased over the past ten years, as the fitness industry in India has developed. One of the many important elements that have contributed to the rise in consumers' interest in fitness and their active pursuit of products and services to support their continued fitness is the development of technology and the democratization of knowledge. Downloads of fitness apps have greatly increased since the year 2020 has begun. According to the World Economic Forum, the number of health and fitness apps downloaded globally in Q1 and Q2 increased by 46 percent. India saw an enormous 156 percent increase in app downloads which was the largest. In response to market needs, a number of companies have established themselves as leaders in this sector. Being established in 2017, Miten Says Fitness is leading the way in the fitness sector with innovation and technological incorporation.

There are various challenges faced by customers in the fitness area like budgets, lifestyles, grocery availability, dislikes, meal timings, and fitness goals. “We at MSF have customized online training programs and meal plans where we help build a sustainable lifestyle where exercise and diet are a part of day-to-day chores. We make sure that we customize meal plans to suit their individual budgets, lifestyles, grocery availability, dislikes, meal timings, and fitness goals. Provide tons of quick & easy healthy recipes.
Meal Plans and workout programs are updated every 2 weeks based on each individual's progress & feedback”, says Miten Kakaiya, Founder & Designated Partner of Miten Says Fitness.

Miten Says Fitness provides a range of services in this sector. “Every plan is customized according to each person’s expectations and issues that they are facing. Resulting, one does not need to count their calories or give up on their taste buds. We provide a private dashboard to the customers which can be accessed via the web or mobile app. Our members' unique mobile app allows them to easily access the customized program and request immediate modifications to their activities or meals/recipes. Apart from that, our team is constantly available to our members for all their doubts, queries, concerns, and any additional support they might need to help them overcome their challenges and stay motivated along the way”, speaks Miten.

Every plan is customized according to each person's expectations & issues that they are facing

The idea of Miten Says Fitness came from the own experiences of the founder itself. He understood the benefits of health & fitness sustainably. The company is focused on content, marketing, and operations which acts as the base of it. Each person in its Ops team is highly passionate about health and fitness and works in tandem with its members to provide them with unique, actionable, and implementable solutions for the challenges that its members face. Miten Says Fitness has numerous recognition & awards some of them are Awarded Radio City Mumbai City Icon Award for Excellence in Nutrition & Lifestyle; Recognized and featured in Times of India, Hindustan Times, News18, The Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle, and many more. It has helped more than 8000+ individuals in more than 40 countries across the world including small towns in India, and countries like the US, the UK, Tanzania, Singapore, Canada, UAE, Germany, Indonesia, and other countries across the globe transform their bodies with MSF Transformation(Diet + Training) Plans.

Future Roadmap
Miten Says Fitness has shown encouraging expansion over the past five years, but the next five are critical for the company to ensure the continued development and refinement of its systems and procedures. The company has a steep target of impacting one million lives with the help of a fitness program that would not only help its members reclaim their health & fitness levels, and improve their energy levels and confidence but also add years to their lives.