Veeruby Technologies: An Association Of Like-Minded People Advancing Towards A Better World And A Greater Future

Varun Siddaraju, Founder,Kiran Siddaraju & Siddaraju Manchaiah, Directors

Varun Siddaraju, Founder

Kiran Siddaraju & Siddaraju Manchaiah, Directors

With everyone involuntarily inclined towards a digital world with more opportunities, Implementation of immersive technology is expected to be an important aspect of our future. Easily blended in all domains of life, immersive technologies are proving to be the convenient solutions to numerous complications arising in the 21st century. Understanding the very necessity of immersive technology and its scope in the industry, VeeRuby Technologies was established with a vision of addressing various challenges in the immersive technology arena. An association of like-minded people advancing towards a better world and a greater future, VeeRuby Technologies is a well-structured and proficient company well-acknowledged for successfully producing some ultra-modern projects of the highest societal importance.

Turning the Dreams of Clients into Reality
Equipped with enough advantage to emerge as the pioneers in immersive technology, the company has been growing exponentially since its inception owing to its technically affluent team members who are not only well-versed in this domain but also have contributed a considerable amount of their time perfecting this technology. "After listening to our client's vision, we plan to achieve it by drawing milestones, finalizing budgets, assigning qualified team members, and keeping track of the production. Building our products is a crucial process as we focus on every requirement of the client without compromising the quality of the product.

Our AR applications enable customers to encounter the best AR experiences through various technologies like ARKit, ARCore, Unity 3D, Vuforia, MRTK, and more. We are famed
because of our skilled developers and team, who continuously fulfil customers' needs through the latest technologies. Developers at VeeRuby Technologies build various AR/VR applications compatible with platforms like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Oculus Quest, Smartphones and Microsoft HoloLens. Determined to provide user-friendly services and realistic experiences, an enormous amount of time is spent on brainstorming and coming up with a near perfection solution," avers Varun Siddaraju, Founder, VeeRuby Technologies.

With a team of members having 4-5 years of industry experience, VeeRuby Technologies is passionate and creative in coming up with solutions and helping clients. Through dedicated marketing, sales, project management, product development, and quality analysis team, where the company works according to the process by prioritizing communication with the clients and keeping them up to date during each stage of the project. VeeRuby Technologies has stocked itself up with Mixed Reality concepts and the team required to effectively fulfil customer requirements.

"To ensure that the quality of service is impeccable and flawless, our dedicated team works endlessly, starting from idea initiation to development. Since its inception, we have worked with many clients globally on multiple projects related to HealthCare, Mixed Reality tutorials, Sports, Education, and Real Estate, etc. The prominent ones are collaborating with Microsoft on developing the tutorials for Mixed Reality development. Developers worldwide are trained using these tutorials. Another milestone of VeeRuby Technologies is participating and Winning the `Elevate Unnati Start-Up' competition powered by Karnataka State Government," states Varun Siddaraju.

Veeruby technologies has stocked itself up with mixed reality concepts and the team required to effectively fulfil customer requirements

Future & Beyond
With various application areas of our services including Industrial training, Education and Advertisements VeeRuby Technologies is trying to leverage a bucket full of new-age possibilities and probably the entire ocean in the future. Building new products related to education and 3D advertisements which will soon be announced in 2021, the main goal of VeeRuby Technologies is to solve the enterprises and societal-level problems faced by its clients.

"We are currently working on solving the educational laboratory problems where students cannot perform labs due to a lack of resources and proper guidance. We are coming up with a new advertising platform for both emporiums in malls and local retail stores to advertise their content via augmented reality. After the success at the `Elevate Unnati Start-Up' competition, we are mainly focusing on LabXR product development and deployment at the earliest," concludes Varun Siddaraju.