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  • 10 Best AR/VR Startups - 2021

    The digital world is growing rapidly towards acquiring new tech-based features which is important to show real-life events. The emanation of AR and VR has been gaining attention. In the digital world where augmented reality is the enhanced version of reality, it is inspired from the real world, and using graphics, sounds, and substantial feedbacks are generated by extremely skilled professionals. Augmented reality intensifies the perception of reality, which is why this feature is largely used in real life. The masquerade environment is created through software and used as an artificial 3D environment. The demonstration of the 3D image is a reality-based user experience. The combination of AR and VR can be very interesting to see, it layers virtual information simulated over our...

10 Best AR/VR Startups - 2021


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
VeeRuby Technologies VeeRuby Technologies Varun Siddaraju, Founder,Kiran Siddaraju & Siddaraju Manchaiah, Directors VeeRuby Technologies is a professional and closely structured company elucidating many challenges in the immersive technology sector.
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
BlueTick VR BlueTick VR Vikrant Singh, Founder & CEO "BlueTick VR is a deep tech start-up by IIT alumni with core expertise in Virtual Reality (VR), and allows developers to go beyond brochures and walk through videos and help them market their upcoming properties through a radically new experience made in Virtual Reality.
Culenz Culenz Rajat Jain, Co-Founder, Abhinandan Nahata, Co-Founder Providing top-quality VR experience in 360 photo-video tours, and live streaming and is getting into AR with a product that is under development.
Focally Focally Sagar Madliyavar, Founder & CEO Renowned for bringing augmented reality and computing technologies by spatially powered smart head-mounted wearable devices.
FotonVR FotonVR Vijay Thakkar, Co-founder & VP of Business, Mayur Patel, Co- founder & VP of Operations Provides Virtual Reality solutions for digital education to simplify access, cost, and content.
PlugXR PlugXR Shivaji Yerra, Founder & CEO Specialized in Augmented Reality, Marketing, Media, and Technology.
Practically Practically Subbarao Siddabattula, Founder & CEO Awarded EdTech Startup of the Year by renowned media house, Practically offers intelligent, interactive and immersive learning applications for students from 6th to 12th grades.
Qodequay Technologies Qodequay Technologies Shashikant Kalsha, Founder, Shridhar Malagi, CTO, Sunil Mane, CSO Provider of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and business services.
Sankshit Sankshit Ankit Kumar, Founder Housed with Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality service and products offered by the company are topnotch.
Tacnik Technology Tacnik Technology Purnank Prakash, Co-Founder & Director Provider of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Gesture based Interactions, Touch based Interactions, Photobooths, Mind Control, 3D Mapping, Embedded Systems, Game Development, and Internet Of Things.