Aarogya CBD: Envisioning Healthy Life By Bringing The Best Of CBD Products

Irshad Shaikh, Founder & CEO

Irshad Shaikh

Founder & CEO

The young generation's inclination for natural and organic products is playing a significant role in driving global demand for hemp-based products. The use of cannabis in treatment processes by various medical facilities is one of the primary elements driving the hemp-based products market's rise. This is where a young and dynamic firm, Aarogya CBD, is dedicated to shaping people's lives via the incorporation of very potent and natural Hemp and CBD oil in India, as well as other items readily available in its online store.

“We have seen hemp utilized for making a variety of products such as nutritional, medicinal, and clothing. However, we have seen that CBD offers a variety of therapeutic and physiological benefits that have yet to be discovered. So, that's what prompted us to develop a brand to make and sell various CBD and Hemp products for overall well-being and to educate people about the various health benefits. The company's major objective is now to serve as a one-stop online platform that provides customers with the purest form of CBD and Hemp goods without making them beat about the bush”, says Irshad Shaikh, Founder & CEO at Aarogya CBD.

Aarogya CBD provides a wide range of CBD and hemp products which includes capsules, tablets, topicals, CBD products for pets, hemp nutrition products, CBD for hair and skin, and so on. The company is well-known in the market for CBD oil in India, broad-spectrum CBD oil in India, and Isolate CBD oil with a purity guarantee of 100 percent. In fact, Aarogya CBD is the only online store that offers over 45 CBD brands and a diverse
range of CBD products. The focus has always been on providing clients with the purest, quickest, and best CBD and hemp products, as well as the greatest after sales service.

“Everyone on the Aarogya CBD team is dedicated to getting the most out of every cannabis plant in order to create powerful and super-healthy CBD and Hemp products. Furthermore, unlike others, our staff is committed to delivering high-quality medical-grade Hemp and CBD Products to clients' doorsteps anywhere in India within 3 to 5 working days,” highlights Irshad.

Our core team is our workers who have years of experience in the hemp industry to figure out the best Cannabis brand from all across India in order to get the best extract of the best CBD oil for the customers

Aarogya CBD has also been abreast of the technology advancements and changing market dynamics to make the buying process seamless and hassle-free for customers. It offers an intuitive mobile app that is now running successfully on Play Store. One can easily download the app and order from anywhere in India. Also, the company’s full-fledged online store offers the fastest navigation and buying experience along with the latest features and technologies to help customers enjoy the buying experience.

Irshad Shaikh is a visionary who is dedicated to providing Indians with the highest quality CBD and hemp products. His strategy has been to instill brand values and understanding in the workforce so that they will go to any length to provide the finest customer experience possible at the online store. Furthermore, he is backed by a team that possesses vast amounts of expertise and research abilities that have assisted the organization in reaching this point.

“We are planning to cater to every region in India with our effective and experienced delivery and logistic teams. Currently, we offer over 45 CBD brands that we are going to expand in the coming years with much more variety. Our main goal is to make Aarogya CBD a global brand to set the benchmark,” concludes Irshad.