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  • 10 Best Hemp-based Products Startups - 2023

    Hemp Industry Is Generating More Crueltyfree Products & Penetrating Sustainable Economy Going back to the time of ancient civilization, Ayurveda considered hemp as pack of medicinal values with a capability of understanding the body rejuvenation properties. Hemp, a botanical class of cannabis, it is concretely grown for its medicinal benefits and industrial uses. It is used in wide range of commercial products. Comparing to other trees and plants, hemp absorbs more carbon-di-oxide in the environment. Currently, many countries have started investing on growth of hemp industry. In India, industrial hemp market is spreading like a wild fire; it has opened the doors for multiple opportunities in industry. Hemp is used to treat and cure various health conditions. It is a natural...

10 Best Hemp-based Products Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aarogya CBD Aarogya CBD Irshad Shaikh, Founder & CEO Sharing the benefits of cannabis and creating awareness about medicinal benefits of CBD oil, the company provides various best quality cannabis and medicinal hemp oil products.They also provide one-on-one consultations for their customers with experienced and professional CBD doctors in India
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
B.E Hemp B.E Hemp Elston Menezes, Founder Changing the game in sustainable living, the company brings the incredible power of hemp to doorstep in the most innovative and exciting products to customers like hemp based belts, flipflops, belts, and more
Bhangola Bhangola Shubhi Satvik, Founder Protecting ecosystem by developing sustainable products and promoting sustainable lifestyles, the company provides hemp based skin and hair care products, cosmetics and fashion wear
Cafoco Cafoco Tushar Patodia, Co-Founder Providing energy rich bars filled with true plant based ingredients with the sources of cocoa and himalayan hemp powder, this firm makes people to eliminate the junk in their lives and switch to healthy plant based bars
Cannabryl Cannabryl Deepti Vats, Director Prioritizing and providing highest quality cannabinoid compositions, the firm educates about ayurvedic healing properties of cannabis by their medicinal products manufactured by the research and development on phytochemicals in canabis plants
Cannaking Cannaking Aditya Khandelwal, Founder Developing reliable medical-grade cannabis products by experienced professionals using scientific standards, the company makes everyone to access the benefits of medical cannabis and hemp-based products in affordable prices
Cytogene Cytogene Aman Dhody, Director Revolutionising the benefits of cannabis into industry by researchers and innovators to make a possible impact in people's health and lifestyle with the power of cannabis, the company provides high quality hemp based products for customers
Hemploom India Hemploom India Vishal Singh , CEO & Founder Initiating and promoting green fashion sustainability, the firm uses the hemp based fabric to provide wide range of handloom products with a touch of recent trends like screen printing and digital printing designs
Kojo Life Kojo Life Akash Sagar, Co-Founder Passionately researching on Indian skin and hair using the ancient and aesthetic ideas, the company provides high quality hemp based products for customers
Satliva Satliva Harshaavardhan Redi Sirupa, Co-Founder Stirring the holistic benefits of hemp seed oil, the company brings the organically sourced hemp biproducts to draw the benefits. Their mission is to improve the health of the society by their unprocessed CBD products