Bharat Alt Fuel: An Industry Leader That Specializes In Solar Energy Projects

Sorubhh K Bharti,Founder & Director

Sorubhh K Bharti

Founder & Director

Solar energy has emerged as a significant renewable energy source in recent years, outpacing the finite fossil fuels of coal, oil, and natural gas in terms of availability and environmental friendliness. In 2022, the cumulative growth in electricity production from solar energy sources accelerated as well. The declining cost of solar power technology, and a greener method of power generation are the main factors driving the solar energy market.

Bharat Alt Fuel was founded in 2020 with a primary focus on solar projects as well as the deployment of energy-saving systems that primarily use lithium-ion chemistry. The EPC turnkey project management division of Bharat Alt Fuel, BAFL Solar, is fully forward-integrated and comprehensive.

In addition to operating and maintaining solar power plants, the company also provides project commissioning expertise, value-driven procurement services, and develops a mechanism to retrieve and manage generation data. The company also takes on all preventive and corrective maintenance services for solar power plants around the world.

Bharat Alt Fuel offers various products and services, one of which includes solar rooftop installations and ground-mounted solar panels.
The company is engaged with various Public & Private sector companies in Solar EPC work in India & abroad and also in deploying Solar Pumps at a larger scale in various parts of Western & Southern India. Therefore, Bharat Alt Fuel installs rooftop or ground-mount solar when a client requests it. The company works on the core issues when the industry is struggling with high solar model costs because it has a very strong base of partners in the market and is the best source for solar panel modules. The company's biggest USP is that it has been invited to build a 250 MW Power Plant in Cambodia. Bharat Alt Fuel also wants to be a company that promotes made-in-India brands throughout the world.

“Our Solar EPC team is made up of experienced professionals and young energy. The dynamics of such a team enable us to complete our EPC projects quickly and efficiently. In just 1.5 years of operations, we have executed approximately 7 MW of solar EPC projects with 100 MW LOA in hand. It's indeed a remarkable beginning for a startup”, highlights Sorubhh K Bharti, Founder & Director at Bharat Alt Fuel.

In just 1.5 years of operations we have executed approx 7 MW of solar epc projects with 100 MW projects LOA in hand. It's indeed a remarkable beginning for a startup

Currently, the company has purchased a 40,000-square-meter parcel of land that will house the facility for batteries and solar energy. To provide its solar plants with a sustainable way of regenerating electricity, Bharat Alt-Fuel has an exclusive partnership with a Taiwanese company, and BESS (Battery Energy Storage System) is highly efficient, long-lasting, and has a longer battery life cycle.

The company has an understanding of American and Taiwanese businesses, which has aided in expanding the company's presence abroad. Bharat Alt-Fuel has experienced that stage of its journey where the company struggled greatly and found it difficult to land its first job in the market. The company's go-getter attitude and transparency has been able and has enabled the company to book EPC orders in MW Scale.

“Going further, we have already committed to deliver about eight megawatts of solar EPC plants and about 100 megawatts in the pipeline, 50 MW of which are part of an international project. Thus, I believe that we are expanding very quickly, and we would be able to diversify our business beyond solar EPC to include utility-scale projects”, concludes Sorubhh K Bharti, Founder & Director at Bharat Alt Fuel.