• Bharat Alt Fuel: An Industry Leader That Specializes In Solar Energy Projects
  • 10 Best Rooftop Solar Installation Startups - 2023

    New-age Solution of Generating Power without Harming the Natural Flow of Environment Finally, in this post pandemic era mankind has realized the true value of environment and its protection as well as conventional sources of energy. Renewable sources of energy, the one's which are easily available in the nature, can be converted to usable energy sources with very little expense. As the urban civilization is exploring, the forests are being erased for high-rise buildings to accommodate the exploding population. The cities are merging with the villages and transforming it into concrete based city, erasing the essence of lively nature and green environment. The interlink between the environment, ecosystem and nature is being destroyed. Therefore, we need to understand this...

10 Best Rooftop Solar Installation Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Bharat Alt Fuel Bharat Alt Fuel Sorubhh K Bharti,Founder & Director An industry leader, specializes in solar energy projects providing a wide range of offerings, including electric vehicles, solar rooftop installations, and groundmounted solar panels, among others
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Embetron System Solutions Embetron System Solutions Sagar Patil, Director National solar power system design and installation company with a focus on solar-powered energy solutions, including photovoltaic solar panels, solar thermal heating systems, solar attic ventilation, EV charging stations, and commercial lighting
Exolar Energy Exolar Energy Arvind Kumar, Director Provides end-to-end solutions for rooftop solar power plant with expertise and experience in EPC services
FAMSOLAR FAMSOLAR Syed Quasim, Founder & CEO A solar EPC firm providing end-to-end rooftop PV power systems installation services, specializing in monocrystalline PV panels
Kaumo Solar Kaumo Solar Kaushal Singh, Marketing & Sales Head Rooftop solar installation company rendering solar panels installation services and helps to create a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come
Roofsol Energy Roofsol Energy Nilesh Mahajan, Director and CEO Solar EPC company providing ground mount and rooftop solar solutions for the commercial & industrial clients, and offers turnkey EPC services for rooftop solar power installations that are both grid-connected and off-grid
SOLRUF SOLRUF Sumit Agarwal, Founder A solar marketplace and installation platform, digitizing solar procurement process by enabling multiple vendors to bid on enquiries for the lowest pricing along with nationwide delivery
SunRuf SunRuf Dixit Kumar , Founder One-stop solar solutions provider, expertise in solar rooftop consultation, solar site assessment, solar project planning, solar installation & commissioning, and more
Vareyn Solar Vareyn Solar Ishan Chaturvedi , Co-Founder A roof-top solar energy partner serving the need for sustainable and quality installations, specializing in rooftop solar PV energy plants
WhiteShark Energy WhiteShark Energy Sharthak Shankar Bhagat , Co-Founder & CEO A startup company with a vision to promote renewable energy, especially solar energy to consumers and focuses on creating micro entrepreneurs in renewable energy industry