• Adventum Offshore: Raising The Bar & Going Far
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    Adventum Offshore: Raising The Bar & Going Far

    A wealth management company with a difference, Adventum Offshore is (literally) taking its investors places by offering diversified strategies through offshore property investments. And with a network of 130 HNI clients in 5 years, the company seems to be on a roll. What if it were possible to better the return on a property, not by altering the level of risk but by adjusting the location? By finding opportunities where jurisdictions were more favourable and tax-friendly, the rents higher as compared to the borrowing costs and the property cycle better placed than in one's home country? What if it were possible to find the right location where the currency and FX could both become an additional driver to the growth engine to one's investment? Well, give yourself a pinch because this...

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