• VR2ality: Creating Powerful Experiences for Enterprises
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    VR2ality: Creating Powerful Experiences for Enterprises

    Not too long ago, the concept of extended reality in business was little more than a gimmick. The idea seemed better suited to a sci-fi movie than a corporate setting, and so, it is little surprise that it was slow to gain traction. But that is changing very fast. The industry is new but growing. According to Forbes, annual spending on Extended Reality (XR) is expected to grow by more than 100 per cent each year over the next five years. It is blending the real world with a virtual world to create an immersive experience for the user. It is unlocking new business value through an improved customer journey, optimized employee performance, and creating new content and services. Also, XR technology has already started to revolutionize teaching in the few classrooms that have begun to...


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