• Knowledge Lens: Dispelling Myths & Disrupting Monopoly by Simplifying Analytics
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    Knowledge Lens: Dispelling Myths & Disrupting Monopoly by Simplifying Analytics

    The giant wave of IoT is ubiquitously creating positive ripples across the technology sector. Analytics being the very first step to provide intelligence for connected everything; everyone is jumping on the data bandwagon to ride the lucrative analytics wave. While the inexperienced new bies fail to solve pressing issues, the bulk nature of large organizations bogs them down from moving nimbly at the pace the technology is galloping. But the industry is in dire need of experts who can quickly take it to the next level, since it is going through a critical stage that can be compared to the DOS to Windows went through in seventies and eighties. We are frittering away too much time in deriving the insights, instead of just making decisions in a few clicks. Inching closer and closer...


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