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  • 20 Best Startups in Bigdata- 2015

    Today, the potentiality of Big Data needs no explanation. From a mere technology marvel to a competitive strategy, the umbrella term has indeed revolutionized the way businesses run and disrupt markets. However, with the rapid fluxes in the time and the technology, the Big Data and Analytics – which were only part of exclusive domain of high heeled organizations – have also evolved to embrace startups, thus breaking the long-established norms of its confinement. While tough competition and funding are still the Gordian knots for many startups dedicated to proffer Big Data, the recent news like Metanautix – a Big Data startup founded by former Google and Facebook engineers – raising $7 million in its Series A round; Big Data and SaaS product intelligence...

20 Best Startups in Bigdata- 2015

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Acura Consulting Acura Consulting Sushant Nayak, Founder & Chairman A provider of Big Data Analytics solutions along with IT, HR, BPO and consulting services that help organizations become more productive and efficient
Analytics Saves At Work Analytics Saves At Work Archna Wadhwa, Founder A provider of data analytics consultation through result-oriented solutions for revenue growth and profitability
Aptusdatalabs Technologies Aptusdatalabs Technologies Samir Kumar Sahoo, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer A provider of comprehensive services portfolio which includes Big Data & Analytics consulting, data engineering, advanced analytics, social intelligence services and more
Aureus Analytics Aureus Analytics Anurag Shah, Co-Founder & CEO A provider of Big Data & Analytics platform and products for insurance, healthcare and banking that empower insights at the point of decision
BlueStar Technology Solutions BlueStar Technology Solutions Raj Lakshumanan, President & Managing Partner A provider of Big Data solutions along with business intelligence, cloud, mobility and e-Commerce services enterprise applications and data centers, while also enabling a seamless cloud migration
BRIDGEi2i BRIDGEi2i Prithvijit Roy, Co-Founder & CEO A provider of customer intelligence, marketing effectiveness, price optimization, risk management, operations planning and sales effectiveness through Big Data
Calligo Technologies Calligo Technologies Anantha Kinnal, Director A provider of emerging & disruptive technologies in Big Data Analytics & High Performance Computing (HPC) segments for highest RoI
Cloudstrats Technologies Cloudstrats Technologies Piyus Kanti, CEO A provider of best-of-breed Big Data solutions along with cloud, consulting, outsourcing and many more
DataWeave Software DataWeave Software Karthik Ramesh, Co-Founder & CEO A provider of actionable data solutions that cover Big Data, data aggregation, information retrieval & extraction, DaaS, open data, price intelligence and more
DoLoop TECHNOLOGIES DoLoop TECHNOLOGIES Jitesh Nagaria, Founder & CEO A provider of Big Data solutions with excellence in data analytics for Retail, Finance and Life Sciences
ECognosys Information ECognosys Information Manohar Sunkum , President & CEO A provider of global IT products, solution engineering, services and outsourcing focused in the areas of cloud computing, HPC, Big Data, data sciences, data warehousing/BI, mobile computing, R&D and specialized services in outsourcing
Entrigna Entrigna Murali Kashaboina, Founder & CEO A provider of full range of real-time decision frameworks built on single technology that enables better machine learning, predictive analytics, business rules, complex event processing, optimization and artificial intelligence
Flutura Decision Sciences And Analytics Flutura Decision Sciences And Analytics Krishnan Raman, Co-Founder & CEO A provider of M2M big data solutions and Info monetization solutions
Fractal Analytics Fractal Analytics Srikanth Velamakanni, CEO A provider of data analytics to help companies compete on analytics and in understanding, predicting and influencing consumer behavior
Innovaccer Innovaccer Abhinav Shashank, Co-Founder & CEO A provider of data solutions that include Big Data Analytics powered by structured approach that makes connections between pieces of data, analyzes and predicts and converts findings into meaningful insights
Mund Consulting Mund Consulting Sumit Mund, Founder & Director A provider of data analytics services in the lines of descriptive analytics, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics
QOS Technology QOS Technology Ashok Sharma, Co-Founder & CTO A provider of Big Data & Security solutions along with security consulting, IT security, training, remote implementation services and many more
SQream Technologies SQream Technologies Ami Gal, Co-Founder & CEO A provider of Big Data Analytics, providing a faster way of analytics through GPU based SQL servers
Trendwise Analytics Trendwise Analytics Mohan Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO A provider of end-to-end Big Data services and offerings including data management, data modeling & data analysis, consulting, project implementation, product development and staff augmentation for analytics resources
Xenon Stack Xenon Stack Navdeep Singh Gill, Founder A provider of Big Data solution amalgamated with cloud and IoT that innovatively customizes stack according to the needs of industry and solution