• Atomex E-Motors: Creating A Legacy In Offering Future Electric-Powered Bikes
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    Atomex E-Motors: Creating A Legacy In Offering Future Electric-Powered Bikes

    A future on two wheels? That's exactly where we are heading to. With an extensive number of new electric vehicles coming-up, it's no longer up for debate whether or not the future for the automotive industry is electric. Self-driving cars, autonomous drones, and electric scooters are just some of the most innovative approaches offered in transportation market. Bikes, also known as electric bikes or booster bikes, are gaining market share in a crowded alternative transportation industry. Major manufacturers across the world are now investing in electric and related technologies. While the EV revolution is gaining momentum in India, no startups want to be left behind in the race. Numerous startups are bringing new EVs to market between now and 2022, and many of them backed by giant...

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