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  • 10 Best Auto Tech Startups - 2020

    Autotech is an ingenious technology that has redefined the facet of the automobile industry. This has made rooms for innovators to manoeuvre in the space and introduce new inventions by amalgamating innovative ideas and technology. With more and more start-ups taking initiatives to serve and explore the domain has actuated an unprecedented and ground breaking evolution. The continuous effort made by both the entrants and the big wheels in the industry has brought in pristine innovations which instinctively created disruption in the market. At the current scenario, the Autotech industry's trailblazing performance and positive growth has enkindled many investors to plough their money into potential ideas.  Reckoning innovation and trust at the core of the auto-industry,...

10 Best Auto Tech Startups - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
DhannoCare DhannoCare Pravesh K Pandey, Founder India's first innovative and organised method delivering daily car cleaning services directly to customer's doorstep
Express Autocare Express Autocare Joel D'Souza, Founder Director Bestows transparent flexible plans and variety of service packages that are simple and tailored for every kind of car
KAD24 KAD24 Kaustubhan Srivathsan, Founder, Aditya Kaustubhan, Co-Founder Confers end-to-end consulting and advisory services, ministering confidential assignments and assisting clients to launch their products and services in the market
RSA Auto I Care RSA Auto I Care Sagar Joshi, Founder & CEO Confers genuine and reliable 24 x 7 Road Side Assistance service anywhere in India
SUN Mobility SUN Mobility Chetan Maini, Vice Chairman Aims to be the leading provider of universal energy infrastructure and services to accelerate mass electric vehicle usage
Toutche Electric Toutche Electric Raghu K & Mahesha H.S, Co-Founders Aspires to contribute to building smart, clean and convenient forms of mobility by designing best-in-class electric vehicles
Transcent Transcent D.R. Ghode, Founder Intends to solve customer and technology problems in the electric bike market in India
Tunwal E Vehicle Tunwal E Vehicle Jhumarmal Tunwal, Founder, Amit Tunwal, Co-Founder With a mission to change each and every gasoline bike existing on roads by battery operated e-bike and scooters
Zendrive Zendrive Pankaj Risbood, Co-Founder Uses large amount of data and analytics solution to predict road risks, reduce collisions, and analyze drivers' behavior with the help of existing infrastructure in the transportation and mobility, fuelled by smartphones