• Agzon Agro: A Farmer's Growth Companion
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    Agzon Agro: A Farmer's Growth Companion

    Dr. Jagadish Chandra Bose wasn’t wrong when he illustrated a sensitive nervous system and a diverse emotional life that is present in a plant. Yes! Plants do fall ill, they too catch diseases, and they too need medicines and care just like we humans do. While we ordinary humans know how to take care of our health and whom to go when we fall ill, farmers take it upon themselves to ensure good heath and metabolism of their crops so that we get to consume the best veggies and fruits. Coming in as a helping hand is Agzon Agro, a Pune based company provides reliable and cost effective solutions for the agri-input sector. To aid farmers in plant protection, plant nutrition, and yield enhancement, the 2015 founded organization provides specialty fertilizers, micro nutrient fertilizers,...


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