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    In India agriculture is more a ‘way of life’ than a ‘mode of life’. Regarded as the soul of the economy the country holds more than 50 percent of population engaged in agriculture thus making it the single largest source of employment. Though the agricultural sector contributes to 16 per cent of GDP but still the sector remains highly unorganised, afflicted by a host of problems. The major problem that has been ailing in this sector is the least involvement of modern machineries & technologies and the existing gap in the supply chain management. Observing this worsening condition and the dire need to take immediate measures many startups has emerged with their innovative ideas to revolutionize the sector. These startups act as a platform not only to connect...

10 Best Startups in Agriculture Solutions

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AgroStar AgroStar Sitanshu Sheth,, Co-Founder & Director Transforming Agri-business and simplifying the lives of farmers
Agzon Agro Agzon Agro Vishal Ratan, Ranjit Kalamkar, Hemant Kalamkar, & Binu Joseph , Co-Founders Provides wide range of products in agri-input sector especially Specialty Fertilizers, Micro Nutrient Fertilizers, Bio Fertilizers, Bio Pesticides, Agro Chemicals, Plant Hormones and Plant Growth regulators
FarmERP FarmERP Sanjay Borkar & Santosh Shinde , Co-Founders A smart agricultural platform that provides complete end-to-end integrated solution increasing the yield, efficiency, profitability, and complete traceability for all the agriculture stakeholders
KrishiHub KrishiHub Bhoopendra Kumar, Jyotiska Khasnabish , CEO & Co-Founder , CTO & Co-Founder Aims to be a platform that serves as a helper farmers in improving their socio economic status
Maytra Noesis Advisors Maytra Noesis Advisors Amol Navangul, MD & Founder Boutique advisory and analytics company that deals completely with cleantech environmental solutions and assist its clients with effective sustainable growth trajectory
Pallavi Vermi Farm Pallavi Vermi Farm Amit Kumar Upadhyay, Founder Internationally known as the most prominent manufacturer, trader, and supplier of different types of high quality Fertilizer, Soil Amendment Products
Soniz Agro Soniz Agro Bipin Soni, Founder Poised to bring cosmic revolution in agriculture, horticulture & farm forestry by dePoised to bring cosmic revolution in agriculture, horticulture & farm forestry by developing bio-nano technology agri-productsveloping bio-nano technology agri-products
TOSGlobal      TOSGlobal Mainank Daru, CEO One of India’s most promising Agriculture and Agrochemical focussed company providing end-to-end support to farmers & agricultural companies
Ugaoo.com Ugaoo.com Siddhant Bhalinge, Founder Aims to make gardening easier for the urban population through its unique platform that meets the gardening & farming needs
Vedant Speciality Packaging Vedant Speciality Packaging Ravi Bhutada , Managing Partner Aims to create a global competition with its unique agri products and service offerings