• Raptee Energy: Driving E-volution
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    Raptee Energy: Driving E-volution

    While we face a number of problems each day, we need solutions for each of them. Most of us just crib about those obstacles and do nothing. But, here is the story of a group of young students who observed problems around, and made efforts to come up with solutions to resolve them which has turned as an outbreaking idea. The massive population is fond of vehicles, in fact, people are in need of vehicles for a mess-free commute. However, this is leading to several problems such as the depletion of oils, pollution, global warming, and much more. Amidst this, Dinesh Arjun, Keerthivasan Ravi, Phunith Kumar, Karthikeyan A, and Abhinand Dalu observed the opportunities the competitive automotive industry provided. They began exploring what exists in the market and noticed that people are...


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