• ECOEX: Consolidating It's Position In Online EPR Certificate Trade
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    ECOEX: Consolidating It's Position In Online EPR Certificate Trade

    In an era of heightened environmental awareness and the urgent need for sustainable practices, the waste management industry is undergoing a remarkable transformation. At the forefront of this revolution is ECOEX (Karma Ecotech), India's pioneering digital marketplace for waste management solutions. With a vision to create a sustainable and circular economy, ECOEX is revolutionizing the industry by offering end-to-end waste management solutions that encompass recycling, waste-to-energy conversion, and technology consulting with the help of its members. "We aim to be a leading global platform for enabling Plastic EPR Credit Certificate, promoting environmental sustainability and social responsibility”, says Nimit Aggarwal, Founder & Director of ECOEX. “The Enterprise EPR...


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