Today's Waste is Tomorrow's Golden Egg

Do you think human being can contribute in saving environment? Yes, it is possible! India produces 14.6 million tonnes of waste paper every year out of which only 26 percent recovered. This is not the end. It is just one effective example of how India is converting wastes into by products. Today, modernism, science and technology have transformed every industry. The technological advancements are saving our Mother Earth and helping us to lead a sustainable lifestyle. All thanks to Pandemic for making all of us understand how to sustain in difficult situations. This epidemic was a beginning note for so many positive things like rethink, reform, restructure ideas to reduce, reuse and recycle wastes. Now we all know waste is not a waste unless and until it is of no use.

We humans are living in the era of hazardous and nonhazardous wastes, where wastes are getting piled up in high amount. It is high time that we utilize our resources wisely. In order to convert waste to wealth, most of the companies and startups are evolving with new innovative ideas to save our environment. From biodegradables to food industry, every industry is inventing and integrating new scientific methodologies and solutions to identify untapped potential to build a healthy and sustainable tomorrow.

Startups are well-known for their potentiality to create and change the society. Though their ideas are new yet their products, solutions and services are unique, trendy and effective. Startups are the trendsetters that are adding on to the growth and development of Indian economy by simultaneously uplifting the standard of living. Startups are the driving force for filling the gap in waste management segment.

Startups such as Ecoex is revolutionizing waste management industry, as it is one-stop-solution providers who empowers stakeholders, connects bulk waste generators, aggregators, and recyclers and dedicated to change the waste management segment thoroughly as it actively partnering with BLS Ecotech for the Verra Plastic Credit Certificate program. Further other startups such as Photoprint 3D Printing, GPS Renewables, I Got Garbage, Ecokart, Daily Dump, Fusion Waste Management and Consultancy, Pom Pom, Green Nerds and so on. These startups are consistently contributing for the betterment and safety of the society and nature. Startups are promoting, increasing awareness, enhancing the practices using modernized techniques in order to educate the society about the new initiatives.

Startups are recreating a world where an unwanted waste is also used effectively in the future through revolutionized ideas and techniques and they are also educating about how to be safe and secure while recycling waste and many startups have discovered and introduced cleansing and disinfectant products to stay away from infections and diseases while RRR process. Disinfectants play a prominent role in maintaining hygienic lifestyle. In the market there are many organic based cleansers and disinfectants that are useful in keeping floors, surroundings, ambience and ourselves clean, hygiene and healthy.

As a whole, in today’s context waste is no more just a waste it is one of the wealthiest resource that strongly impacts social and environmental safety and helps in sound waste management.