• Early Salary: One Stop Lender Addressing All Your Instant Cash Needs
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    Early Salary: One Stop Lender Addressing All Your Instant Cash Needs

    Everything does not go as planned in this world of uncertainties. There are occasions when we need money right away because of an emergency. This is when a digital loan market can help. With the digital lending market in India expected to expand to $350 billion by 2023, several firms are springing up to meet the need. Being there in the industry since 2015, EarlySalary is one of the largest consumer lenders for young professionals across the country. This could be in the form of a salary advance, personal loan, hospitalization payment or any emergency needs. Till date, the firm has given more than 3 million loans and has done close to Rs. 7,000 crores disbursement on the platform. The app has more than 12 million downloads and it resulted in 3 million rooms digit.


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