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    Software development is one of the greatest things that ever happened in the world over the last two decades or so. Software development tools played a crucial role in the computer devices ad have changed the world in many different ways, making people’s lives better and fulfilling. With the advent of smart phones and internet, particularly social media, children are exposed to a range of thing, some attracts good while some attracts immorality and bad behavior. But the good news is, with the explosion of the software industry, parents are now able to monitor their children’s activities on phone, desktop and so on. Software development has, undoubtedly helped improved efficiency of commercial setups. Software development has taken the defense of many countries to a whole...

10 Best DevOps Consulting Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Infra360 Infra360 Deepak Agrawal , Founder & CEO A customer-centric firm specializing in helping clients with digital transformation and cloud modernization goals, and offering cutting-edge cloud-native solutions
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Avertech Services Avertech Services Jitendra Bauddha , Founder & CEO An AWS advanced consulting partner providing end to end services like AWS cloud migration, deployment, devops and cloud managed services
Climstech Climstech Shekhar Yaduvanshi, Co-Founder & Strategic Advisor A cloud consultancy company that provides endto- end services for businesses transitioning to the cloud, specializing in cloud native capabilities and security solutions with expertise in cloud, devops and mongoDB
DevOps Enabler & Co. DevOps Enabler & Co. Sanju J., Co-Founder An organisation that provides software delivery automation to enable organisations to increase business growth
Devops Nexus Devops Nexus Aditya Patawari, Director A consulting company providing consulting and advisory to help manage production infrastructures on cloud and containers
Hashtaag Hashtaag Srikant M., Associate Director - Sales Marketing A custom software development, design and development firm, working with companies to transform their businesses through consultation, development, and deployment of enterprise-grade mobile and web applications
Kalgisoft Technologies Kalgisoft Technologies Dhara Parikh, Owner A growth center providing end-to-end solutions for the business application and product development, and transforming the business process to a modern level
Steady Rabbit Steady Rabbit Sachin Bansal, CEO A consulting firm with the vision of offering deep technical expertise as IT services in product engineering, mobility, analytics, cloud & devops, reengineering & testing
The DevOps Team The DevOps Team Alex S., Co-Founder & CEO A premier google/microsoft and AWS partner that provides cost-effective cloud adoption & devops, migration, building solutions related to infrastructure & software development
We Secure App We Secure App Akhil Reni, Co-Founder & CTO A trusted cyber security partner having expertise in building tailor-made roadmap for the organizations as a whole