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  • 10 Most Promising Drone Technology Startups - 2022

    The rise in autonomous technologies are increasing extensive deployment of functioning of the production processes at various industries with the help of drone technology. It has been creating excellent progress for the industries all around. With the advantages of delivering food while struck in traffic or helping or helping deliverables of materials in homes via airways, drone startups in India are creating a buzz with the latest features. As a product of internet industry, drone startups are always investing in the future and helping technology to grow on the top. The multinational companies are investing in development of the core infrastructure for the global drone ecosystem. Most important for the current condition of the unmanned aerial vehicles include the functioning of...

Top 10 Most Promising Drone Technology Startups - 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Astroc As Technology Private Limited Astroc As Technology Private Limited Harsha Pandula & Rudhararaju Ramesh Kumar, Founder A fervent manufacturer of Industrial & Defence Grade UAS with technology
Bluehawk Bluehawk Pushkar Kumar, Founder An AI powered enterprise drone platform helping in aerial data transformation for business action and production
Blurgs Blurgs Roshan Raj, Avinash Kori and Manik Sharma, Tech-Enthusiasts Renowned for offering Drone application for Detection, Tracking and Survey
D'Aviators D'Aviators Ujjwal Mahajan, Founder Providing products of Agnya UAV, Drishti UAV, Kisaan UAV, NPT Flight Key, 3D Mapping, Surveillance, Survey, Monitoring, Agriculture, Inspection and more
Defy Aerospace Defy Aerospace Samriddhi Pandey, Founder & CEO Manufacturing effective quality drone technology and aviation technology
DROOYH   The Drone Services Aggregator DROOYH The Drone Services Aggregator Rajesh Mudappa, Chief Strategy Officer An excellent Drone Service Aggregator Platform for hassle-free drone powered solutions
Jane Aerospace Pvt Ltd Jane Aerospace Pvt Ltd Leo Peter Charles, Managing Director Offers a wide range of world class solutions in Aerospace Consultation, Drone Pilot Training, Drone Workshops, Humanitarian Relief Work, Infrastructure Support & UAV Test Site Setup
Kesowa Infinite Ventures Private Limited Kesowa Infinite Ventures Private Limited Vinayak Malhotra, Director Offering impeccable services in unstructured, unreliable and inaccurate data in Digital sky platform, Drone Rules & Regulations and UTM Policy
Startflying Solution Startflying Solution Shahid Zamal, MD & CEO Manufactures drones for different sectors across India