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  • 20 Best Startups in Healthcare-2015

    The Indian healthcare industry is growing at breakneck speed due to its services, strengthening coverage and upsurging expenditure by private as well as public players. As per the forecasts, the Indian industry is poised to grow at 15 percent CAGR to reach $158.2 billion by 2017. By 2025 the industry is expected to contribute around 8-10 percent of the then GDP. This immense opportunity has knocked the door of large and small organizations in the industry to embrace technological revolution like cloud. However, the lack of robust infrastructure, insufficient standardization needs, most importantly, care which is available in right context to right people at right time still concern the process, which is in turn the roadblocks that make the selection of right healthcare partner a risky...

20 Best Startups in Healthcare-2015

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AllizHealth AllizHealth Chinmoy Mishra, Founder & CEO A provider of wellness & health analytics platform that provides health risk assessment, personal health record and analytics dashboard for early identification, tracking and management of health risks and conditions
Clinicea Healthcare Clinicea Healthcare Lalith Surana & Hemesh Soni, CEO & CTO A provider of extremely user-friendly healthcare platform comprising of medical CRM, pharmacy, clinic promotions and EMR engine that digitizes paper forms
DocEngage DocEngage Ahimanikya Satapathy, Co-Founder & CEO A provider of platform that connects care providers and care receivers through web & mobile interface to create complete care to cure environment
EMD Systems Software EMD Systems Software Patrick Mulcahy, CEO A provider of technology enabled software automation solutions for various businesses with a prime focus on healthcare industry
HealthcareMagic HealthcareMagic Kunal Sinha, Founder & CEO A provider of eHealth services that have been instrumental in bridging the gap between network of physicians and surgeons from around the world and the online users
Healthindya Healthindya Ashish Dhar, Founder & Investor A provider of accurate and timely healthcare services that focus on healthcare practice management, patient health record and diagnostics along with the facilities of live connect
HealthSmart Wellness HealthSmart Wellness Amit Bansal, Co-Founder & CEO A provider of best of preventive care in one package that covers doctors interpretation of reports, naturopathy advice and free trial to online yoga program
HelloDox HelloDox Gyan Ranjan & Manish Nahar, Co-Founders A provider of profession networking portal for medicos that facilitates easy connection, communication & collaboration
IClinic Healthcare IClinic Healthcare Sanjoy Mukerji, Founder & MD A provider of an IT platform enabling scheduling, communication and collaboration between two or more doctors and patients to allow remote and online diagnosis and prescription
Ikure Techsoft Ikure Techsoft Sujay Santra, Founder & CEO A provider of a platform named Rural Health Centers (RHC) that connect MBBS doctors, pharmacists dispensing accredited medicines and trained health workers with rural rural patients
Innowave Healthcare Innowave Healthcare Abhirami Madhavi, Director A provider of high performance and high-quality imaging systems, Cloud centric healthcare information technology solutions and operation support services
Intermed Healthcare Intermed Healthcare Rohit Kantor, CEO A provider of unsurpassed and affordable healthcare solutions, dedicated to change the nature and delivery of primary healthcare services in India
MediAngels MediAngels Dr. Debraj Shome, CEO & Director A provider of highly intelligent, unified and intuitive healthcare solution that reduces 20 percent of operational cost from day one
MedSapience MedSapience Vijay Rajvaidya, Founder & CEO A provider of highly intelligent, unified and intuitive healthcare solution that reduces 20 percent of operational cost from day one
MocDoc MocDoc Senthilkumar PM, Founder & CEO A provider of healthcare management systems that cater to the needs of both patients as well as doctors via its exclusive platform
Qikwell Technologies Qikwell Technologies Krishna Prasad Chitrapura, Co-Founder A provider of best-in-class healthcare services in the country that bring about customer satisfaction
Texas Medical Concierge Texas Medical Concierge Aanchal Bhatia, President A provider of tele-medicine, second opinion, medical travel, medical concierge, integrated medicine, personalized medicine and EMR services that ensures better treatment by acting as a patient’s advocate
ViDoc ViDoc Jay Mehta & Sundeep Mehta, Co-Founder & CEO & Co-Founder & CTO A provider of web based Electronic Health Records (EHR) and Analyticstargeted at increasing efficiency in medical practices and patient management
Winself Healthcare Winself Healthcare Abhiraj Singh Gour, Founder & Director A provider of broad-spectrum of cost-effective and world-class pharmaceutical products to its clientele across the country