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  • 20 Best Startups in Life Sciences - 2018

    Companies in Life sciences industry provide access to high quality drugs, better diagnosis and getting the medicines and MedTec products at an affordable price. The main sector of concern remains in the R&D process and the main focus is to put up efforts in the various stages of research and development. This results in bringing out best outcomes for increasing health awareness, diagnosis for various infectious diseases. This has helped the companies to settle down and be updated in a dynamic scenario. For many people it is not easy to even afford the medicines and healthcare services. So the products and services at an affordable price is bliss to them. Foreseeing the requirement of life sciences industry, many startups are making a presence in this space to contribute overall...

20 Best Startups in Life Sciences - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Jayagen Biologics Jayagen Biologics Krishnaraj Mannangatti, Managing Director Emphasizes on target driven research & development and manufacturing biotechnological instruments and reagents
3i Molecular Solutions 3i Molecular Solutions Ajmeer Khaja Sheriff, Founder & Chairman, Moutushy Mitra Kandalam, CEO & Director Strives to expand its vision by developing and offering advanced genetic & expeditious diagnostic care services and solutions
AKOGNOS Life Sciences AKOGNOS Life Sciences Prashant Pareek, CEO & Founder Committed towards healthcare needs and aims to contributes to the overall improvement of health and wellness of the society through specialized, yet innovative and impactful means
Amicures Research Amicures Research Dr. Sushil Kumar, Managing Director An Intellectual Property (IP) oriented research based Pharmaceutical Company dedicated to improve factors of human health by focusing towards innovative research in the field of free radicals, nano-particles and antioxidants to provide health and longevity to the humans
APS Lifetech APS Lifetech Paritosh Shekhar, Co-founder A one stop solution provider for Life Sciences services focused on Drug discovery, Bio Consulting , Bio Services
ASVINS Lifetechnologies ASVINS Lifetechnologies Samrat Marwah, Director - Sales A part of the prestigious 60-year-old NSP group having diversified interests in Life sciences, Healthcare diagnostics and Blood Banking solutions, aims to enable molecular diagnostics and life sciences solutions on a centralized basis in India
AURA Biotechnologies AURA Biotechnologies Pazhanimuthu Annamalai, Managing Director A Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Research organization involved in developing innovative technologies to expedite the R&D process, lessen the drug and diagnostic development cost
Coen Labs Coen Labs Nachiket Deval & Nitesh Kumar Jangir, Co-founders A MedTech platform with special focus on emergency, trauma and critical care
Consure Medical Consure Medical Nishith Chasmawala & Amit Sharma, Co-founders One of an emerging medical device company focused on developing and commercializing novel critical care technologies
Converge Biotech Converge Biotech Arun Kumar Bijjala, Managing Director, Partha Roy Chowdhury, COO Delivering the promise of providing the best possible information to the healthcare fraternity and valuable insights to the patients
E Scientia Laboratory Essentials E Scientia Laboratory Essentials Omkaranath B, Business Director A premier Microbiology, Quality Control products, services facilitator for Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries
Hylasco Bio Technology Hylasco Bio Technology Dr. Balaji Bhyravbhatla, Managing Director Visions to bring down the cost of drug discovery by providing appropriate animal models in a cost effective way to the Indian Pharma and Biotech sectors
InnAccel InnAccel Siraj Dhanani, Founder & CEO Identifies critical unmet healthcare needs by using the Stanford Biodesign process, and works in large global markets
Molbiogen Molbiogen Pranjal Sharma, Director A complete solution provider of Molecular Biology Research and Molecular Diagnostics attuned with most advanced, reliable and affordable diagnostics kits and equipments
NextGen Life Sciences NextGen Life Sciences Nagma Abbasi, Founder An ISO 9001:2015 certified company that understands the scientific needs of the Researchers and brings in the table perfect solutions as the most innovative and promising solution provider.
Quantumzyme Quantumzyme Naveen Kulkarni, CEO Focused on application of Quantum Mechanics, Molecular Modelling and Molecular Dynamics simulations
Vital Bioscientific Solutions Vital Bioscientific Solutions Padma Priya P V& Co-Founder & CEO, Harshal Sudhakar & Co-Founder & COO Develops novel products and services for efficient screening of NECs and drugs in preclinical studies
VSClinical VSClinical Dr. L. Lokaranjan, Managing Director, Dr. L. R Divya Sri, Director & K.R. Rajavarshan, CEO An integrated Clinical and Contract Research Organization with special focus on Indian systems of Medicine
Yaathum Biotech Yaathum Biotech Anitha R, Co-founder & CEO Specialized in the development of Real-time quantitative PCR (qPCR) assays for rapid and affordable diagnosis of various infectious diseases and research in life sciences
Ytiliga Ytiliga Praveen Kumar Singh , Director Recognized as one of the most reputed companies that work for development, manufacturing, and distribution of a wider range of pharmaceutical products