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  • 10 Best Aeroponics & Hydroponics Startups -­ 2022

    Given the rising demands for healthy and chemical-free food in cities the agriculture industry has received increased responses from the world and regions around today. However, with the increasing population, as the water usage in agriculture is also constantly increasing, urban form of farming is largely comprehending the agricultural production through Aeroponics and Hydroponics farming. While Hydroponic technology claims to keep up with food production by offering a sustainable way to grow crops without soil and using vertically stacked layers while reducing water usage by about 90 percent Aeroponics technology helps plants grow indoors, providing nourishment to the roots structures through regular spraying of water soluble nutrients. As per studies, the market opportunity is huge...

10 Best Aeroponics & Hydroponics Startups -­ 2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
365D Farm 365D Farm Shailesh Modak, Founder Provides solutions to current agriculture issues, particularly in the area of Hydroponics Indoor and Outdoor Farming
Acqua Farms Acqua Farms Rahul Dhoka, Founder An Indian wholesale hydroponic, organic gardening and wellness product distribution company, with a focus on integrating sustainable and moral concepts into a modern economic model
Agresearch Labs (Greenlyfe) Agresearch Labs (Greenlyfe) Arvind Narayanan & Arun J. Holla, Founders They have recently developed an Indigenous commercial Aeroponic growing system for Indian crops
Akarshak Hydroponics Akarshak Hydroponics Ramesh Gera, Founder Specializes in indoor growing, terrace gardening, rooftop farming for producing green leafy vegetables, food plants, vein plants, and herbs
Balcony Crops Balcony Crops Adarsh Sridharan, Founder It is a hydroponics farming company that builds commercial farms and provides DIY Grow kits to customers
Evergreen Farm Evergreen Farm Prasanth Ramachandran, Founder Manufacturers of hydroponically grown green stemmed pak choi, hydroponically grown romain lettuce & hydroponically grown green leafy lettuce
Green Tangents Green Tangents Jalesh Arya, Co-Founder Provides urban farming solutions to modern farmers & gardening enthusiasts with a aim to enrich the quality of life for the common people
Jaywant Green Bliss Corporation Jaywant Green Bliss Corporation Murtaza Poonawala, Founder They produces an entire range of products such as leafy greens, exotic vegetables, fruits, medicinal plants, edible flowers, and herbs
Kamala Farms Kamala Farms Meghana Rao, Co-Founder Hydroponic farm solution providers, striving to provide fresh, clean, nutritious, and environmentally sustainable food to the consumers, in environmentally responsible way
Nature’s Miracle Nature’s Miracle Anchal Kumar, Co-Founder Committed to produce fruits & vegetables matching the highest standards of quality prevailing in the international market