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    Agricultural Technology:  Fortifying Tomorrows Farming through Smart Ideas From time immemorial, India has been regarded as the forefront leader of agricultural productivity due to its geographical blessings. India has fertile soil, abundant supply of water and other materials needed for agriculture. According to the agricultural statistics of FAO Food & Agricultural Organization, India is the largest producer of milk, jute, and pulses, second-largest producer of rice, wheat, sugarcane, cotton, groundnuts, and fruit & vegetables. Agriculture is still regarded as the backbone of Indian Economy and contributes around 16.5 percent of India's GDP. As of 2022, the Indian agriculture market value stood at $435.9 billion and is expected to reach $ 580.82 billion...

10 Best Agtech Startups - 2024


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Farmsio Farmsio Surajit Sinha, Director & Business Head, Krishna Srinivasan, Co-Founder & CEO, Beta Mahatvaraj, COO & Director Combining the exceptional experience & technology, the company strives to provide users with research-driven climate information & tools for smart decision-making. They offer solutions including farm monitoring, crop monitoring solutions, agri advisory, yield estimation, survey & inspection, and so on
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Agreco Technologies Agreco Technologies Himanshu Singh, Founder Piloting the realm of agriculture with data-driven agtech solutions, the company provides digital platform for optimal collaborations & transactions among the stakeholders. They offer solutions including agri commerce, advisory & knowledge base, data driven recommendations, forecasting models, and so on
Agriplex Agriplex Mahesh GopalaKrishna Shetty, Founder Aiming to streamline crop yield & quality, the company acts as emerging online e-commerce platform that delivers quality farming inputs & best agricultural practice guidelines. They offer services including drone site visits, hydroponics, soil test, export services, and so on
Cenaura Cenaura Prabhaker Yasa, Founder & CEO Blending the organic farming practices with precision farming technologies, the company provides innovative & sustainable solutions to make every farm scalable & profitable. They offer smart farming solutions, smart farming SaaS platform, data-driven insights, and many others
Farmigai Agro Industries Farmigai Agro Industries Sanat Samanta, Founder Generating a positive impact for rural small & marginal farmers, the company develops ecologically integrated farm management solutions. They offer diverse solutions & services such as integrated paddy farming with AI app-based monitoring provider system & remote sensing based end-to-end solutions for paddy farmers
 Fasal Fasal Shailendra Tiwari & Ananda Verma, Founders Endowing farmers with the power of technology, the company solves the guesswork in farming to secure the best market rates. They offer solutions such as super-smart information about their crops, presenting farm-level, crop-specific, crop-stage-specific intelligence, and so on
Growit Growit Saurabh Agarwal, Founder & CEO Ensuring to cultivate sustainable, efficient & cost-effective agricultural practices, the company provides advanced & innovative products to empower farmers. They offer products including mulch film, crop cover, agri-wire, agri thread, crop support net, fruit cover, vermin bed, tree cover, shade net, and more
Kalgudi Digital Kalgudi Digital Vivek Sehgal, CEO Restructuring the landscape of agriculture via advanced software solutions, the firm delivers integrated solutions to unify the aspects of agricultural operations. Their solutions includes Kalgudi agriculture engagement platform, community engagement platform, distribution engagement platform, e-commerce engagement platform, and many other platforms
ONO ONO Yayati Boruah, Founder & COO Empowering farmers & their ecosystem, the firm acts as agri tech platform that helps farmers to attain an inclusive access to economic growth opportunities. They offer innovative products such as ONO connect, ONO click, ONO mandi, ONO cash, and many others
Radtar Radtar Joice Mathew Pandiyathu, CEO Targeting to transform the process of linking supply & demand in the agri-food sector, the company provides integrated solutions for agriculture, farming, and production. They offer services including farm development & management, industry 4.0 technologies, agricultural 4.0, social 5.0 services, and so on