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  • 10 Best AI Based Healthcare Startups ­- 2023

    AI Polishing up the Hidden Gems in Healthcare Artificial Intelligence is the most wonderful and glorious invention of this era. John McCarthy first coined the term Artificial Intelligence in 1956 at the Dartmouth Conference, of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Artificial Intelligence and Digital transformation are buzzwords in this contemporary society where people eat and sleep with digitally smart devices. From construction to corporate, from healthcare to education every horizon of these economic sectors is majorly driven by digital devices. "Artificial Intelligence Has Regenerated & Rejuvenated The Foundation Of Healthcare & Created A Milestone Towards A Better Future" Significance of AI in Healthcare: In healthcare, digital...

10 Best AI Based Healthcare Startups ­- 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AI Nexus Healthcare AI Nexus Healthcare Peter Pushparaj & Faramarz Farhoodi, Founder Directors & CEOs A pioneer in creating technology with the goal of making healthcare accessible to all, regardless of economic status, geographic location, gender, or race
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Accelth Accelth Aditya Narain Misra, Founder & CEO An AI-powered platform facilitating access to affordable & cutting-edge healthcare, with high quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare services to individuals
Artivatic.ai Artivatic.ai Layak Singh, CEO A digital risk & decision-making Full stack insurtech platform that automates, sales, process, servicing, product design, risk intelligence, pricing & fraud intelligence for carriers, brokers, distributors, TPAs, & healthcare
Coheal Coheal Shanthi Bhaskar, Chief Marketing Officer A smartphone enabled wellness platform enabling real time measurement of vital health indicators and provides a holistic view of wellness data
Elitefit AI Elitefit AI Ani Bhalekar, Co-Founder & CEO A virtual personal trainer leveraging technology to help people meet health goals and provides a virtual personal trainer for fitness companies, sports companies, healthcare companies, telco value-added service providers, and insurance providers
Manentia AI Manentia AI Anuj Chandalia, Founder A cutting-edge medtech startup dedicated to revolutionize the healthcare through the power of artificial intelligence and medical imaging
Mango Sciences Mango Sciences Mohit Misra , Co-founder & CEO A market data science company connecting millions of under represented patients to precision medicine, and also utilizing AI analytics to transform deep clinical data into key insights that drive global health improvements
McMarvin McMarvin Jakeer Hussain Shaik, Founder A deeptech startup in medical artificial intelligence using AI technologies to develop tools for better patient care, quality control, health management, and scientific research
Medreck BPM Medreck BPM Siva Vignesh.M, CEO A brand leaders in providing healthcare AI annotations and US billing services and end-to-end RCM services under one roof and offers medical transcriptions and healthcare AI services like medical annotations and medical labelling
Trias Trias Solomon Devaraj, CEO An artificial intelligence (AI) based healthtech startup focused on assisting medical practitioner in providing quality healthcare using the power of futuristic technology