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  • 10 Best AI In Finance Startups - 2023

    Welcome to the New Era of Wealth Management Holding the Hands of Technology Technology is a wonderful wonder of science that is used in practical fields in a productive way to produce more in an efficient manner. All the corners of industry have embraced technology for upbringing and updating the quality of their outcomes. Technology is playing a pivotal role in science and engineering. With each passing day the management of wealth and finance are surrendering in the hands of technology. Now like every fold of industry, technology has been infused well with wealth and asset management. Today, AI and ML algorithm are the key players of wealth management sector. The wealth management sector has come a long way holding the hands of technology and going through a paradigm shift in...

10 Best AI In Finance Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Airtham Airtham Shail Apte, Founder & CEO A SEBI-registered research firm guiding the actions of economic agents through analysis of economic theory and provide fundamental ideas to comprehend the intricate processes of the macro economy
Cipherpay Cipherpay Sachin Pandey, Co-Founder & CEO Being an India's first AI Powered Hybrid Transaction processing engine and a Neo-Banking Platform. Enables clients businesses to process safe payment processing services with robust technology
DigitalCFO DigitalCFO Cheruku Srikanth , Founder & CEO Enabling clients to handle all aspects of bookkeeping, accounting, reporting and financial management through an integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities and assist customers to connect the dots, mitigate risks and seize new growth opportunities
Elystar Investment Management Elystar Investment Management Dr. Satya Gautam Vadlamudi, Founder & CEO Empowering people and institutions to invest better, the company is specialized in helping clients with financial planning using the latest advancements such as AI to keep delivering flagship returns to the clients
MintingM MintingM Jeetesh Tipe, Founder & CIO A team of highly professional market analysts and data scientists providing investing strategies driven by systems, processes, and risk management to help the clients to generate extraordinary return of investment
Novel Patterns Novel Patterns Abhishek Singh, Co-Founder & CTO Levaraging advanced technology for products and frameworks to enhance client organization's accounting, banking processes and middle, back-office investment management operations
Praedico Global Research Praedico Global Research Priyank Gupta, Chief Technology Officer Creating the financial neurones in the field of stock market intelligence to be the pioneer in eradicating financial discrepancy around the world by providing financial access to people
PrivateCircle PrivateCircle Krishna, Founder Re-imaging private market transactions to find right investors to power the phase of growth.They offer solutions that help clients in finding great business partners using AI to match with the right investors instantly
ToCode.ai ToCode.ai Ramesh Kannan, Founder Striving to ease customer lives through artificial intelligence technology solutions.They provide software solutions to elevate customers' businesses and operational efficiency in the areas of banking and money management
Wealthup Wealthup Medha Agarwal, Co-Founder Aiming to help young professionals to achieve financial goals quickly and assist to take smart financial decisions through understanding client's current financial situation, identify the gaps and suggest & support in filling these gaps