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  • 10 Best Andhra Pradesh Startups To Work For - 2024

    Startups Empowering Innovation To Foster Fearless Growth At the very dawn of the era of modern civilization of India, technological boost stood at the paramount. The digital world of today is characterized by rapid change and the emergence of new technologies that offer businesses unprecedented opportunities for growth, innovation, invention, and refinement. The country has spearheaded advancements such as cutting-edge AI capabilities, adoption of digital payments systems, implementation of 5G networks, and high-performance computing infrastructure, all the innovations are making India one of the most innovative nations globally. Behind all these, lies the sleepless nights, several brainstorming sessions, lot of research, and perseverance of the young visionaries and scientists...

10 Best Andhra Pradesh Startups To Work For - 2024

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Der Autobot Der Autobot Anil Kumar Botsa, Chief Technology Officer Employing AI for business insights and automate the routine tasks for better productivity, the consulting firm providing ready-to deploy and customizable IT solutions for businesses. Using fully integrated array of secured & highly configurable devices, they offer services such as product development, IT services, IT staffing, IT services, and IT consulting
Healthkard Healthkard Sameer Maheshwari, Founder & CEO Eliminating financial barriers and ensuring safety, the platform unlocks the seamless and hassle-free access to multiple physical doctor consultations. The array of perks they offer are free doctor consultation (OP), deduction in high consultation fee, maximum validity, and chance of visiting multiple doctors selecting single option
Indigilog Innovations Indigilog Innovations Ajay Ramprasad Manda, Founder Enabling the embedded systems efficiently through intertwining the innovation with customization, the full-service firm specializes in providing PCB design and IoT development services. Their key services are PCB design, IoT hardware development, firmware development, PCB assembly, and 3D printing
Innocito Innocito Bhagawati Manukonda, Co-Founder & CEO Merging the industrial expertise and digital innovation together, the tech-enabled firm helps people to develop new software products & platforms to power-up their businesses. Their service offerings are minimum viable & lovable products - MVLP, digital engineering services, and quality engineering services
Machen Softech Solutions Machen Softech Solutions Mahendra Gowd, Director Elevating business and workforce management with the power of technology, the ingenious BPO firm specifies in technical, IT support, and healthcare services. They offer services such as technical support, customer services, data entry, social media ads, healthcare services, data conversion, and human resources
Mimosoft Mimosoft Srichandana P, Data Analyst Dedicated to create innovative Artificial Intelligence projects and develop high-quality software products, the company provides custom IT solutions for successful businesses. Their core work-focus encompasses on the areas such as Machine Learning, data science, software testing, QA automation and web development
Royal EV Royal EV Viswanath Kari, Founder & CEO Aspired to develop environment-friendly & mobility systems, the venture deals in manufacturing, assembling supplying, exporting & distribution of battery-operated passenger, and commercial EV vehicles. Their featured vehices are Royalev Trango, Royalev Maze, Royalev K2, Royalev Vegas, Royalev Chottu, and Royalev Gladiator Pro
Shawred Analytics Shawred Analytics Mani Kumar P, Founder & Director Bringing in transformation in businesses through the implementation of process driven technologies, the company develops a comprehensive quality systems framework. They offer advisory programs for quality transformations, online gap assessment program for systems & organization, and quality documentation process advisory
Srivensy Technologies Srivensy Technologies Dharshini, Executive Director Harnessing the power of data science and AI to drive growth and innovation, the IT company provides customized solutions that aid businesses to adapt the power of data to make informed decisions. Their solutions includes data science, devops, digital marketing, deep learning, website traffic, engagement and conversion
Turiya Softech Turiya Softech Mansha Devi, Co-Founder Well-versed and a great experts in Artificial Intelligence and 3D technologies, the AI-based company helps businesses to build intelligent AI-powered digital products & applications. Their main area of focus are integrated AI-powered applications, highly confidential & secured 3D services, and custom IT solutions