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  • 10 Best AR & VR Startups - 2023

    AR & VR Technologies: Unmasking The Creativity In The Business World What is AR & VR technology? Revamping the way people see the world by creating new and exciting interactive experiences, augmented and virtual reality technologies emerged with tremendous promising features in various sectors such as medical, real estate, education, gaming, marketing, manufacturing and so on. To make it clear, augmented reality is integration of virtual data with data information’s like videos, audios and graphic data packs transferred into real world to perceive real time experiences by computer-generated perceptual information. It enhances the real world experiences and perception of reality by blending into human perception through the amalgamation of sensations. It...

10 Best AR & VR Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Wastuviz Wastuviz Sudarshan Kalwale,Founder Focusing on accelerating sales of high ticket units and remote buyers, this prop-tech company deals with virtual reality apps in hardware and allied disciplines by providing customized virtual tours and narrates about VR Products and their sales
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Aura Interact Aura Interact Tejas Mishra , Co-Founder & Director Providing enterprise solutions through XR and AI technologies, this firm transforming the way of interaction by offering designed visualization, brand engagement, architectural visualization, and other interactive solutions to clients
D Ammo Imagineering D Ammo Imagineering Indraneel Guha , Managing Director Delivering best quality of VFX, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality services with excellent effects, the firm providing solutions to simplify the complexes by super quality animated visual effects for their clients
FinteriorZ FinteriorZ Sivaraman , Founder Specialized in architecture, the company providing interior design solutions with immersive virtual reality experience to clients in affordable cost. Additionally they assits their clients in sourcing best materials in possible dealer price
FotonVR FotonVR Vijaykumar Thakkar , Co-Founder & CEO Using the power of AR and VR, the company elevates the learning activities in school by offering science learning VR kits and VR labs for students. They focus on increasing interests, adding fun in learning process in order to help the students in understanding complex concepts
GreyKernel GreyKernel Abhishek Gupta , CEO As an advanced visualized startup, the company delivers cuttingedge products and solutions. They provide high-end VR devices for sports, education, real estate, automobile, marketing and travel industries with highly talented & super creative engineers
Iluzia Lab Iluzia Lab Noufal P , Founder & CEO Focusing on educational sector, the company provides interactive AR/VR printed textbooks and virtual reality applications for smart classrooms. They use artificial intelligence to track the learning experience to enhance teaching & learning
IOVR IOVR Anokhi Shah , Founder & Director Fascinated by the possibilities of immersive technology, the company offers enhanced virtual experiences to their clients and audiences which specializes in creating metaverses, immersive virtual worlds by virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR)
JCI XR JCI XR Sampath Kumar HK , Co-Founder & CEO Provides extended reality (XR) solutions for medical devices, the firm accelerates the introduction of new products into the market place by providing in-depth XR experiences
VeeRuby VeeRuby Varun Kumar Siddaraju , CEO Specializing in AR/VR/MR/XR development, 3D design, and software development services, the company aims to provide high quality digital services for clients by solving software risks and giving immediate solutions