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  • 10 Best Auto Tech Startups- 2023

    Resurgence of New Decade with Automatic Motor vehicles In this rapidly evolving world, people seem to be moving around their hectic corporate life, where they can’t afford to waste a single moment as lazy hours. In such a tough and confined situation, where people are leading ahead with their fast life here Automotive technology plays a pivotal role. As the technology is upbringing, a wide variety of technological advancements are being witnessed by today’s civilized citizens. Automotive technology makes it possible to drive a car for any person with a minimum knowledge and expertise about driving. "Driving A Car Is Now Just A Child’s Play With The Astoundingly Impactful Automotive Technology." Study of Automotive Technology: This...

10 Best Auto Tech Startups- 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Rapid Car Spa Rapid Car Spa Anoop Kumar PA,Founder & Managing Director An end-to-end multifaceted platform that allows customers to book any car service within one click and receive the best quality, stress-free service with the utmost sanitation by using a waterproof, eco-friendly, and stainfree car wash
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
91Trucks 91Trucks Siddharth Sharma, Co-Founder An incredible firm working closely with automotive manufacturers and their dealer partners in more ways provide the latest IT solutions that help them in their business
AutoFlipz AutoFlipz Harpreet Singh, Founder & CEO A firm providing network of Standardised & technology enabled car care, service and repair centers using technology to solve some real-life problems of car owners
Emerging Technologies Emerging Technologies Sanidhya Patel, Founder & Director A company using integrating advanced safety technology into vehicles, dedicated to providing top-notch solutions like ADAS, Infotainment, and automotive software
EZ Auto Care EZ Auto Care Saket Shrivastava, Founder A chain of multi-brand car workshop to cater car maintenance and detailing ecosystem whose focus is enhancing customer experience with the help of artificial intelligence, operational efficiency & transparency
Flux Auto Flux Auto Pranav Manpuria , Founder & CEO A firm developing autonomous driving kits for commercial vehicles with a focus on safety, productivity, and cost benefits specialized in AI, robotics, machine learning, self driving, and more
Loopway Loopway Indrasena Varakantham, Founder A technological firm offers tunneling services and autonomous vehicle solutions, along with developing highly efficient electronic vehicles for both private and public transport
Ramp Global Ramp Global Amit Kumar, Co-Founder & CEO A company involved in knowing and understanding a customer's unique needs and being able to fulfil services like automobile workshop automation, garage management solutions and more
RedGorillas RedGorillas Rahul. C, Founder They are working on a unique project at the intersection of retail technology and social commerce using AI to create the world's largest AI-driven omnichannel sales platform
Tight The Nut Tight The Nut Azam Shaikh, Co-Founder & CEO An android and web based application to digitalise the workshop operations and provide in-app analytics to monitor and provide actionable intelligence