• Sanchomee Herboveda: Unveiling Vitality Through Ayurvedic Remedies
  • 10 Best Ayush Startups - 2024

    Discover the Wellness of Ayurveda: The Holistic Healing for Mind & Body India is the storehouse of vibrant cultures, food, dressings as well as it is the birthplace of numerous age old treatments and natural remedies. It is the storehouse of herbal products which has created Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Unani, and Sidhha. Ayurveda which is a subpart of Atharva Veda has the detailed description of how and when these natural elements can be used for maintaining a good health with a blooming mind and soul. We often forget to smile, we often forget to behold the nature, we often forget to rejuvenate ourselves by releasing our stress, and therefore, we are leaving the peace of mind and serenity of soul behind the concrete claustrophobic walls of corporate life. The herbal and...

10 Best Ayush Startups - 2024


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Sanchomee Herboveda Sanchomee Herboveda Nakul Gandhi, Director Building a positive attitude in the ailing society towards the diverse diseases, the company is elevating the pure Ayurvedic & herbal remedies with the help of expertise medicinal practitioners. They lend ample support for individuals to live fullest life through diverse health care products. Their product line includes dietary supplements, herbal health juices, and ayurvedic churnas
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Advik Ayurveda Advik Ayurveda Advik A, Founder & Director Dedicated to promote the benefits of ayurveda and healing power of nature, the company embraces a holistic and natural approach to skin care and health via its products. Their offerings ranges from organic body lotions, body scrubs, soaps, polishers, body scrubs, hair packs, and other hair & body care products
Ayurmeans Ayurmeans Nripendra Pathak, Founder Enabling the people to start their natural wellness journey, the company supplies ayurveda wellness products that gives remarkable benefits of pure nature. They deals out diffusers, organic handmade soaps, and essential oils for anti-ageing, make up removal, and aromatherapy
 Ayuvya Ayuvya Tanishk Pandey, Pawanjot Kaur & Aastha Jain, Founders Striving to make the ancient medicinal practices to meet modern science, the company empowers individuals with the access to ayurvedic solutions. They offer products for skin & hair care, weight & power, daily health and also claims that their products are infused with 100% ayurvedic ingredients
Blend It Raw Apothecary Blend It Raw Apothecary Aarushi Singhal, Founder Extracting the true wellness of nature, the company caters the people seeking for natural beauty, herbalism, and aromatherapy through its organic DIY products. Their collections includes botanical oils, botanical powders, herbs, essential oils, hydrosols, dried herbs, DIY kits, and combos
Guduchi Ayurveda Guduchi Ayurveda Prashanth Vastred, Co-Founder & CEO Determined to heal their patients with high integrity of ayurveda formulations, the company prepares medicinal products that exhibits highest level of effectiveness. They offer ayurvedic regimes and solutions for lifestyle disorders such as weight loss and weight gain, hair, body, skin, and face care
Hind Rishi Hind Rishi Sunil Chawla, Business Development Head Thriving to provide every citizen with good health and herbal wellness, the company leverages the power of ayurveda & supplies ayurvedic supplements for body detoxification. Their supplements serves for vitality, wellness, liver health, lungs cleansing, and stamina strength
Santva Santva Jigna Shah, Founder & Managing Director Encircled by lush embrace of pure nature, the company shares the passion for Indian ayurveda & its excellence through their redefined skincare products. They delivers organic and chemical free soap bars for all skin types which comes with unique and personalized packaging
Tru Hair And Skin Tru Hair And Skin MS Harsha , Founder Merging ancient science with modern technology, the company serves end-to-end ayurvedic products for diverse skin and hair troubles. Their products comes in various categories including hair care, body care, face care, baby care, and women hygiene
Vedobi Vedobi Rajveer Singh, MD Endeavouring to replicate the values of integrity and innovation, the company brings ayurveda nutritional products for personal care, health care, and skin care. Their portfolio covers diverse areas such as hygiene, women care, men care, face care, body care, and baby care