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  • 10 Best B2B Marketplace Startups - 2020

    The concept of Business to Business has been an integral part in executing the financial and commercial activities. It is with the evolution of the merchandising sphere that the B2B theory also augmented, paving the path for it transmute into an established industry. This sector has put forth lucrative opportunities which insightful speculators got their hands on only to come forward with gainful and convenient ideas, approaches and solutions that have been supporting the marketing, branding and growth objectives of the businesses. The introduction of the B2B sector has boosted up the digital transformation of businesses including enterprises, financial institutions, hospitals, small businesses, government and other, creating rooms that facilitated the increase in funding. Ever...

10 Best B2B Marketplace Startups - 2020

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Arty Owl Arty Owl Rajiv Ramnani, Founder A platform for the budding as well as established artists to sell their products and create their own identity
Bijnis Bijnis Siddharth Vij, Co-Founder Aims to build B2B marketplaces and bring ease of doing trade or traders and retailers spread across India
DealBerg DealBerg Abhishek Emmanuel, Founder and CEO Enables customers to experience the ecommerce easily and efficiently by empowering them with the best products right at their doorstep
Metal Street Metal Street Nupin Pillai, Shashank Ananth & Arun Shukla, Co-Founders Helps manufacturers, importers, distributors and dealer of finished steel products across the country to optimize their business
NIA Agrocommodity Marketplace NIA Agrocommodity Marketplace Ajai Kumar Agrawal, CEO Provides multiple options to both buyers and sellers with absolute transparency without compromising securities
NowPurchase NowPurchase Naman Shah & Aakash Shah, Co-Founders A one stop shop for various stores & consumables requirements that acts as a dealer for various products & brands
Primedeq India Primedeq India Shanthi Mathur & Dr Sakshi Khandelwal, Co-founders A customer-centric platform that ensures a safe, secure, transparent and hassle-free online experience, supporting convenient payment options and prompt attention
SupplyBasics SupplyBasics Harsha Kadimisetty, Co-Founder Aspires to compete beyond pricing and availability, innovating at a pace that outdistances legacy systems and thinking
Techconnectr Techconnectr Anuprit Orse, COO & Co-Founder Assists buisnesses in unleashing their maximum potential by tapping the unexplored business landscape