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  • 10 Best Biodegradable Product Startups – 2022

    The capability of a product for breaking down microbes and related biological factors helps in instilling biodegradable quality. The factors include moisture and wind. For considering a product biodegradable, the product must be capable of breaking down itself into an organic matter at a rate equivalent to the ingredients occurring naturally. Products such as textiles and paper are biodegradable products while petroleum based plastics are not. The segment of green chemistry revolves around the creation of products with a minimal environmental impact including creating materials, which degrade quicker and are environment friendly. Bioplastics are one of the green chemistry products which are designed to biodegrade. The products manufactured from Styrofoam and plastic wind landfills by...

10 Best Biodegradable Product Startups – 2022


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Arka Home Products Arka Home Products Asha Sarkar, Director Renowned for offering excellent products for Home Utilities, Kitchen Utilities & Outdoor Utilities
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Banyan Nation Banyan Nation Mani Vajipey, CEO Recognized for offering vertically integrated plastic recycling technology converting consumer and industrial plastic wastes into high quality recycled granules
Biopapro Biopapro Yash Chandan & Nikunj Bhansali, Founders Provider of effective quality Wooden Cutlery, Compostable Bags, Biosip & Biobite
Go Do Good Go Do Good Khushboo Gandhi, Founder Providing excellent quality Friendly Transparent Film, Green Paper, Friendly Water-Resistant Packaging, Friendly Water-Resistant Fabric & Coir Wrap
Kagzi Water Bottle Kagzi Water Bottle Samiksha Ganeriwal, Founder Offers a stack of products including Paper Seal, Cork Seal, Neck, Waste Paper Pulp and others
Maak Impex Pvt Ltd Maak Impex Pvt Ltd Ameen Rahaman, Chairman & Managing Director A biodegradable manufacturer dedicatedly improving carbon foot print through biodegradable products
Praacheen Vidhaan Praacheen Vidhaan Praacheen Vidhaan, Entrepreneur/CEO A famous provider of Natural products including Bundle, Hair Care, Cold Pressed Oils, Hair Colouring and others
Redbutler Redbutler Adarsh Harlalka, Business Owner A provider of effective products including Bamboo Cup & Storage, Bamboo Fibre Dinnerware, products for Home Utility & Home Utility
Srest Organics Srest Organics Mohammed Salman, Promoter A world class imparter of Straws, Spoons, Disposable Cups, Plates, Bowls, Containers, Stretch Films, Mulch Films and others
Wonder Jute Wonder Jute Sunil Malu, Founder & Proprietor Wonder Jute offers fashionable and sustainable bags that can be put to purpose