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  • 10 Best Business Intelligence Startups -2022

    In this technology-fed digitalized era, Business Intelligence is much more than a buzzword, as it dynamically helps organizations make better strategic decisions by collecting and analyzing data using business analytics, data mining, data visualization, and data tools. The global business intelligence market size is expected to touch $29.48 billion global revenue by 2022, rising from $23.1 billion in 2020, registering a 7.6 percent CAGR, and further scaling to $33.3 billion by 2025. Also, according to Finance Online as the business intelligence software market is on track for $17.6 billion by 2024, Data Pine remarks the embedded analytics market to be $77.52 billion by 2026. About 66 percent of the BI market is held by nine BI Software vendors. Also, as Data privacy and security...

10 Best Business Intelligence Startups -2022

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Brandintellé Brandintellé Biswajit Das, Founder & Chairman The firm offers a bouquet of services designed for the digital transformation of Marketing Departments and strives to increase the frequency of marketing analytics exercises to near real time
Corestrat Corestrat Kartik Ramachandran, Founder A rapidly expanding, transnational business intelligence company by combining extensive institutional risk and analytics expertise with MLdriven smart decision science systems and provides business insights and decision intelligence
KalaGato KalaGato Aman Kumar , Founder A technology company that identifies high potential mobile apps using proprietary data and acquires these assets
Merito Merito Abhishek Chaturvedi , Founder & CEO unlocks every business’s true potential, by giving it the tools for data driven growth and also creates business models that hasn’t been attempted globally
Rockmetric Rockmetric Nimesh Mehta , Founder & CEO An Intelligent Business Monitoring Platform. Leverage analytics, automation and AI to transform the productivity of business operations, customer insights and employee performance
Starlly Solutions Starlly Solutions Sudhakar Suga, CEO A SaaS platforms Spectra and Servy to solve some of the very basic problems faced by service providers in the new urban equation and also for the segments that define tomorrow, agri, diary, energy, and more
Techweirdo Techweirdo Sudeshna Mukhopadhyay, CEO The firm brings in digital transformation for brands and designs develop and curate aesthetic, robust digital products that match your brand vision
Wherehouse.io Wherehouse.io Lavelesh sharma , Co-Founder A supply chain intelligence company, helping brands to move closer to their customers enabling faster and better deliveries and accelerating business growth
Wovv Technologies Wovv Technologies Arvind Kothari, Founder & CEO A global business productivity SaaS company that help enterprises aimed at business productivity and to increase operational efficiency through automation
Yellow Sapphire Technologies Yellow Sapphire Technologies Anuuj Chauhan , Co-Founder An IT Development and Consulting company specializing in agile development, focused on developing highquality solutions faster and more effectively