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  • 10 Best Career Counselling & Guidance Startups - 2023

    Career Counselling & Guidance Platforms - Navigating Careers With Confidence As the technology evolves, endless career opportunities also emerge simultaneously. It opens numerous doors for students and professionals to enter and flourish. Usually in India, we get career guidance from our parents or educated relatives and friends. But the problem is they don’t know the specific interests and capabilities of the candidate and sometimes they will not be aware of what is trending. Since ages they mostly grind the same flours by recommending options like medical, engineering, finance & banking and other popular fields. Sometimes it will not be parallel with candidate’s personal ambition and goals. It’s not their fault; in fact none of us were aware of...

10 Best Career Counselling & Guidance Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Goalisb Goalisb Shruti P, Executive Coach & Higher Education Consultant Mentoring for career transition especially through higher education, the firm provides MBA & Masters programs for professionals. They offer admission consulting, one-to-one mentorships to facilitate career transitions such as sector change & role upgradations
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Career Express Career Express Bhaskar Aggarwal & Rachita Rasiwasia, Co-Founders Striving to help students take admissions in top colleges & universities in India, the company provides end-to-end solutions for career guidance & higher studies. They offer study materials, test series, form filling, interview preparation assistance and many more
Holistic Career Guidance Holistic Career Guidance Nithya Raghunath, Founder Empowering students to shape their future, the company offers holistic career counselling and guidance. They provide services such as stream selection, students profiling & parents counselling to match the students abilities with right career option and education
Mentorify Mentorify Rahul Chaudhary, Founder & CEO Giving direction for students, the company provides solutions to find their true potential through advanced technology & expert guidance for schools and franchises. They help students in choosing career and specializing in right field of expertise
Meritlab Meritlab Gayatri M, Founder Committed to empower students to succeed professionally, the company provides career counselling services that help students navigate their career paths & make informed decisions. They have pool of experienced career experts to assist the students to achieve their aspirations
ML Support ML Support Ankit Gupta, Founder & CEO Striving to provide quality education, the company offers comprehensive career guidance and assistance to students. Their services covers from academic support to personal development and well being, through innovative platforms and learning materials with personalised support
PickMyCareer PickMyCareer Premanand Sethurajan, Founder Discovering interests & empowering students, the company helps students to understand, evaluate and recognise their abilities to choose the suitable field of expertise. They offer career books, tests, reports and counselling to explore numerous career options
SMR Consultants SMR Consultants P. Chandra Shaker, Founder Engaged in providing quality advice and career guidance, the company helps individuals who wants to pursue education in abroad. Their comprehensive services includes university selection, finance, travel, visa assistance, scholarship guidance and many more
Transpassage Transpassage Susy Philip, Head Insisting on excellence, the company provides assistance and guidance for aspiring students to choose their career path aligned with passion. They offer career assistance to study in India or overseas with complete travel solutions for all abroad studies
Wolke Career Counselling (WCC) Wolke Career Counselling (WCC) Anil Balchandani, Founder Nurturing the students path to success, the company offers career guidance services including educational, psychological, overseas admissions and other essential counselling to assist students in making informed career decisions