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  • 10 Most Promising Cleantech Startups - 2018

    A  report published by Asian Development Bank (ADB) reveals that India’s growing economy and surging demand for clean power to strengthen energy security and reduce pollution is making India one of the most attractive destinations in the world for environmentally-friendly investments.  Moreover, with the advent of technology, it is believed that environmental issues can be addressed at a large level. This clearly indicates that the future of cleantech in India is changing, and is definitely bright. This is where the role of Cleantech startups comes into account. As the developments taking place at macro levels such as urbanisation, rapid growth, climate change, depletion of resources and other continues to drive the need for investments in clean technologies, it at the...

10 Most Promising Cleantech Startups - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ather Energy Ather Energy Tarun Mehta, Co-Founder An electric vehicle company, designing and building intelligent electric scooters
Banka BioLoo Banka BioLoo Namita Banka, Founder & CMD Focused towards solving the problem of human waste management with the help of technology in an effective manner
Green Drops Green Drops Bhairavi Shevade & Supriya Nikumbh, Co-Founders Focused on continuous innovation to create innovative designs and unique models in vertical gardens
Indo Green Enviro Indo Green Enviro Rahul Shringarpure, MD Committed to provide honest solutions and constantly strives to bring in the best technologies from across the globe
Orxa Energies Orxa Energies Prajwal S, Co-Founder Makes high-performance, high-powered, aesthetically appealing Electric Vehicles with the associated charging ecosystem
Resource E Waste Solutions Resource E Waste Solutions Sanjay Kumar Jain & Pooja Rajpoot,, Directors Formulates value proposition and injects a fresh perspective in the green IT industry while ensuring maximum returns for business allies
Tapu Sustainable Solutions Tapu Sustainable Solutions Neha Bagoria, Founder & Principal A visionary firm with a global contribution to conserve valuable resources of planet Earth
The Solar Labs The Solar Labs Devang Bacharwar & Ankush Jindal, Co-Founders Missions to reduce the engineering time and optimize system design for higher energy generation
Winnerspitch Winnerspitch Neeraj Chawla, Founder A knowledge based organization dedicated to the cause of promotion of integrating Clean Energy with sustainable development
Zolt Energy Zolt Energy Harsha Yadav, Co-Founder Aims to make purchase, installation, maintenance and operation of solar to any consumer as easy as getting and operating devices like a fridge or TV