• Radiance Renewables: Driving Sustainable Inno-vation in India's Renewable Energy Landscape
  • 10 Best Cleantech Startups - 2024

    Cleantech: Leading To A Cleaner, Greener, & Brighter Environment For A Sustainable Tomorrow With each passing day, humans are becoming the scorn enemies of the environment, for producing toxic wastes and pushing the mother earth towards a dreadful future. Technology is thriving with a lot of innovations and inventions which aims to restructure the environment so that it get rejuvenated retaining its essence of goodness. Among those technologies which work as a tough shield for the environment, clean technology is one of the brightest names which is also referred to as green technology or climate technology. Cleantech primarily deals with energy, water, transportation, agriculture, and manufacturing. High growth industries such as solar, wind, biofuel, and water purification...

10 Best Cleantech Startups - 2024


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Radiance Renewables Radiance Renewables Manikkan Sangameswaran, CEO Bringing economic savings by integrating technology & innovation, the company provides custom built affordable renewable energy solutions. They offer solutions including evaluating, design planning, solar & battery storage, hydrogen hybrid solutions, wind & solar hybrid solutions & so on.
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Distributed Energy Distributed Energy Ruchir Punjabi & Mathew Mazhuvanchery, Co-Founder Transforming the landscape of energy, the company acts as a solar platform for developing markets by making solar reasonable & reachable for industries. They matches reputable investors with reliable & renewable energy projects such as commercial workspaces, business complexes, schooling institutions, transport, logistics & so on
Greenshift Energy Greenshift Energy Kunal Godambe, Founder Catering the EV needs to residential & commercial establishments, the company provides carbon mitigating technology solutions. They offer zero-investment plan on rooftop solar installation, multi-city fast EV charging hubs, carbon finance options to the users to offset their carbon credits & support de-carbonization over Indian metros
 HydraGreens HydraGreens Vaneet Bhalla, Founder & Director Inventing potential techniques to bring-back greens, the company provides sustainable greening solutions. Their products & services includes urban forest (STZs), rain farming, green walls, climbers & trellis, offset & sustainability & many others
Nature Light Energy Solutions Nature Light Energy Solutions Sumit Chaudhari, Project Coordinator Merging solar power solutions with extreme service standards, the company provides renewable energy solutions for commercial, residential & industrial sectors. They offer services & solutions including solar electricity solutions, solar water pumping & lifting, solar power fencing, solar water heating & so on
Perfect Renewtech Perfect Renewtech Ankit Ramoliya, Director & CEO Making over your homes with cutting-edge solar panels, the company provides one-stop solution for solar rooftop requirements. They offer installation & maintenance solutions for high-end technology rooftop solar panels with expert government liaisoning regulations
Renewshare Renewshare Animesh Damani & Nitish Mehta, Co-Founders Understanding that investing in renewable energy projects is a high- intensive game, the company acts as a renewable energy solutions provider & a strong consulting arm. They offer autonomous investment platform for investors where they can team up to co-own renewable projects
Sungreen Power & Renewable Energy Sungreen Power & Renewable Energy Vijay K Patodia, Founder & CEO Heading towards executing excellence in renewable energy & environmental sustainability, the company acts as a complete turnkey solution provider for engineering procurement & construction activities. They offer solutions including solar rooftop, ground mounted PV systems, transmission lines & rural electrification & many others
Sunrise CSP India Sunrise CSP India Deepak Gadhia, Founder & Chairman Reforming the models of concentrated solar power, the company provides industrial renewable energy solutions. They offer solutions such as power generation, solar cooking & kitchens, solar air conditioning, solar desalination, solar crematorium for diverse industries & verticals
 World Of Circular Economy World Of Circular Economy Anup Garg, Founder & Director Endeavoring to drive significant revolution to create a sustainable future for all, the company provides end-to-end sustainability solutions & services. They offer services such as advisory & consulting, CAaaS, carbon neutral events & global carbon offset for diverse industries