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  • 10 Best Corporate Wellness - 2023

    Ensuring environmental wellness in the workplace The wellness industry in India is scaling up in terms of advancements and achievements. The industry expands into a broad sector which now has evolved as a developer of businesses. Companies have now begun to realise that the wellbeing of the employees has a direct impact on their happiness, and happiness has a direct impact on their productivity. A wellness program's goal is to create a work environment where the emphasis is on overall wellness. Corporate wellness programs have gained much popularity owing to the surge in the number of lifestyle related diseases. The lack of proper diet, exercise and rest, and growing mental and physical stress also provide impetus to such programs. Ensuring Health & Wellness...

10 Best Corporate Wellness - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Padmajaa Iyer Padmajaa Iyer Padmajaa Iyer, Wellness Consultant & Performance Coach The firm is committed and passionate about health and wellbeing with having years of experience in their respective fields like Individual Consultations, Team Strategy Consultations, Virtual Group Workshop Sessions, and so on
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ekincare Ekincare Kiran Kalakuntla, Co-Founder & CEO An AI-driven integrated and patented health benefits platform provides real time insights on health parameters for both employers and employees, making it a robust solution for delivering personalized health and wellness experiences
Growfitter Growfitter Sanmati Pande, Co-Founder & CEO A gamified digital health reward platform that adds financial benefits to your physical activity offering goal based rewards from consumer health & wellness brands and retail financial services from credit cards to health insurance
Masterlife Masterlife Anirudh (Ani) Narayan, Founder A data-driven learning platform helping people develop life skills for the mind and specialised in online learning, mental health, health & fitness, selfawareness, and confidence
MyyTake MyyTake Saurav Banerjee, Founder & Managing Director A new-media start-up that is building nextgeneration platforms and providing the perfect blend of content, technology and management experience
Path To Health Clinic Path To Health Clinic Dr. Anjali Nakra, Founder The wellness clinic provides a comprehensive program that operates all lifestyle pillars in one single program, whether it is corporate or other programs, group programs, or individual programs
Sopana Yoga Sopana Yoga Vineesh Kammath R, Founder A yoga center with a focus to offer committed and effective yoga services to anyone looking to improve their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being using a wholly integrative approach
Vantage Fit Vantage Fit Anjan Pathak, Co-Founder & CTO A holistic platform that promotes wellness solutions to organizations, envisions creating a balanced life for employees, contributing to organizational triumph
Visit Health Visit Health Vaibhav Singh , Co-Founder & Managing Director A health-tech platform enabling small/medium/large Corporate designs & offer customised wellness & OPD programs for their employees and their families
WellM WellM Rakesh Sarin, Founder Chairman A one-stop destination aspires to provide holistic wellness solutions that are affordable and driven by technology and offering solutions for a healthier life through proactive diagnosis of emotional and physical well being