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  • 10 Best Crowdfunding Startups - 2023

    Crowdfunding: The Future of Funding & Investment With the advent of technology, a ground breaking phenomenon has taken centre attraction – Crowdfunding. An innovative method has revolutionized the conventional way of fund raising landscape. It is empowering the entrepreneurs to break free from limitations of traditional fund acquisition and enabling access to new era of collaborative funding. Crowdfunding is emerging as the key game changer as it is helping in collecting small amount of capital from mass individuals. Technology disruption in crowdfunding has fueled its impact even more. It has enabled the seamless and efficient funding process. Through virtual campaigns & project explanations, fund raisers engage with supporters in real time. Startups before...

10 Best Crowdfunding Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Flint Consulting Flint Consulting Prakash Dara, Co-Founder Assisting people in making informed financial and investment decisions, the firm offers fundraising, property advisory, asset resolution & asset management services for alliances. They serve for industries such as real estate, ware housing & logistics
Fundviser Fundviser Sivasubramanian V & Yogesh Kamath, Directors Helping the businesses to elevate their growth to next level, the company excels in raising both debt & equity financial funds. Aditionally, they help in business management, implementation and execution of plans to achieve best results
Giverly Giverly Sagar Menon, Founder & CEO Initiating the conversion of monetary transactions into donations, the firm leverages e-commerce platforms to collect funds for charitable causes. They offer pre paid debit cards to encourage their regular cash back transactions
Ipreneur Accelerator Ipreneur Accelerator Kishor Jagirdar, Chief Mentor Providing competitive support services, the company enables startups to achieve their goals. They assist startups and investors with efficient resources & tools by identifying professional gaps and offer customized plans
MAA For India MAA For India Nikhil Madame, Chief Operating Officer Envisioning an healthy and Anemia free India, the company raise funds for necessary care & treatment of women and children suffering from Anemia. Additionally, they conduct camps to educate people about proper sanitation, hygiene, and nutrition
Smartup Solutions Smartup Solutions Ankit Sharma, Founder Accelerating the process of building scalable businesses, the company assists startup founders and entrepreneurs to grow their business, operations and raise funds. They offer services such as fund raising consultations, growth strategies and operative collaterals
Sunstox Sunstox Kovid Sharma, Founder & CEO Enabling individuals to create their desired infrastructure, the company is involved in crowdfunding for solar projects. They enable the individuals and companies to invest in solar assets which ends with potential and stable returns
The Venture Guys The Venture Guys Parth Shah, Founder Valuing the business ideas, the company provides innovative solutions to raise funds for startups and entrepreneurs. Their services include startup fund raising, registration & valuation, business plans and many more to expand the business
Tyke Tyke Karan Mehra, Founder & CEO Striving to make investment space more inclusive, the company provides platform to offer exclusive opportunities for startups. They intend to help startups & founders to raise fund for their businesses and engage with their supporters
Widen Humanity Widen Humanity Irfan Ahmed Khan, Founder & Director Contributing to national community through charity, the company is a donation and reward based crowdfunding platform that encourages individuals to donate as a volunteer. They do crowdfunding for noble causes such as child care welfare and women empowerment