• The Nth Bit Labs: A Reliable Name as Custom Software Development Specialist
  • 10 Best Custom Software Development Startups - 2023

    Custom Software Development Startups Rewriting the Tech-landscape Amid a prosperous pool of talented software engineers and a flourishing entrepreneurial ecosystem, India has become a heart for startups focused & specialized in creating custom-made software solutions. In technology industry of India, custom software development startups have come into view as a vibrant and inventive force. These startups are driven by a passion for solving complex problems and delivering unique software products that cater to the specific needs of businesses across various industries. They understand that off-the-shelf software may not always meet the diverse requirements of organizations; therefore they offer customized solutions that are designed to address specific challenges and...

10 Best Custom Software Development Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
The Nth Bit Labs The Nth Bit Labs Vikas Sood ,CEO Generating innovative software solutions for business needs, the firm acts as a tech-driven custom software development specialist. They offer IT strategies & solutions, custom software development services for highly complex software projects and scale the efficiency of business
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Ampinity IT Services Ampinity IT Services Swati Achut Ade & Achutrao Mangilal Ade , Directors Exceeding the expectations of every client using advanced technology, the company provides best software services. They offer services including web design and development, mobile application, customised software development, digital marketing, search engine optimization and many other
Codequality Technologies Codequality Technologies Kaushik Parmar , Founder Running all kinds of IT services that swears sensation to business, the company specializes in web & mobile technologies & IT-related services. They offer range of services including ERP solutions, web applications and custom mobile applications
Frecher Hinakins Frecher Hinakins Deepak Tyagi , Founder & CEO Dedicated to transform businesses through innovative and scalable solutions, the firm provides standard software solutions by leveraging all available software techniques. They specializes in web and app development, salesforce CRM, SaaS, ERP and many more
Ishi Technolabs Ishi Technolabs Anil Channa , Director Generating solutions to globalize & market business, the company provides reliable, quality and the best IT services. They have specialized in graphics design, e-commerce development, CMS development, SEO & digital marketing, mobile application development and so on
Kyurius Tech Studios Kyurius Tech Studios Shivani Shivhare , Director Engineering your ideas into reality, the company provides full-service technology consulting, design & development solutions. They offer services including full-cycle custom software development, project management, UI/UX, graphic designing, web application, mobile application, mobile game development and so on
Legacies Techno Legacies Techno Sathyamurthy Tiroumourty , Founder & CEO Teamed up with seasoned IT professionals with widespread experience in varied verticals, the firm specializes in providing innovative & strategic IT solutions. They offer end-to-end services in app design, MVP development, software quality assurance and many more
Shuru Technologies Shuru Technologies Kshitij Bhardwaj , Co-Founder & COO Giving wings to your ideas, the company provides on-demand product leadership and strategic guidance to help your business to excel. They support in many ways including web & mobile apps, backend software development, technology infrastructure solutions, scaling solutions & so on
VallMann Tech VallMann Tech Prabhu Manickam , Founder & CEO Specializing in everything on digital, the company delivers custom application development solutions. They offer services including website designing, logo designing to content management system, copy writing, custom software development, SEO, e-commerce sites and many more
Viseatech Viseatech Kamal Singh , Lead Information Technology Project Manager As a fast-growing multi-diversified startup, the company specializes in creating custom applications for businesses. They offer services including linux hosting, windows hosting, wordpress hosting, cloud hosting, SSL certificates, Google workspace and many more