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    Digital Analytics Startups are disrupting the Tech-terrain of India In the vivacious tapestry of Indian startup ecosystem, new waves of data analytics startups are sweeping through the tech landscape. Armed with technological intelligence & data-driven insights, these startups are at the forefront of exploring the advancements in cutting-edge technologies, developing tech-driven solutions and systematic examination to uncover the strategic optimization of business performances. Within the various verticals, these startups are making the organizations & businesses potent to extract the valuable use cases of data analytics to put on a cut[1]throat edge in current zestful & information-powered tech-scene. Undeniably, analyzing the data & information is crucial for...

10 Best Data Analytics Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Phinomial Phinomial Kamal Oza, Co-Founder & Director Thriving at using precise technologies to generate phenomenal business results, the company acts as a core platform with inventive data scientists, CTOs & marketing experts. They focus on the success of businesses & propel them to make progressive, sustainable & profitable
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Credenca Data Solutions Credenca Data Solutions Sushil Shinde, Founder & CEO Transforming data into decisions, the company acts as a technology based consultancy. They are specialized in areas of business intelligence & analytics. Their capabilities includes data engineering, business intelligence and advanced analytics on industry leading tools and technologies
ERP Launchpad ERP Launchpad Harshal Mody, Founder Building inter-linked systems using simple user friendly tools, the company provides cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses in India & abroad. They offer data analytics solutions that help businesses to fetch data using APIs & provide report dashboards with deep insights using power BI, looker studio and other advanced tools
Global Tech Analytics Global Tech Analytics Nitin Wahi, Co-Founder Established by IT professionals with collective years of experience, the company acts as a corporate consultancy that provides comprehensive staffing and manpower solutions to corporates catering to information technology, data analytics and data science domains
GWC DATA.AI GWC DATA.AI Naveen Kumar. P, CEO Building powerful analytical approach, the company helps businesses to gain value from data assets & extend capabilities to truly data-driven decision-making. They offer services including BI capability, cloud & infra, data & analytics, digital Strategy & design
Optimum Data Analytics Optimum Data Analytics Rutuja Udyawar - Founder &, Ajay Kashikar - Co-Founder Transforming globe with use of Artificial Intelligence, the company delivers quantifiable business values by implementing ML powered AI. They offer services including product development, AI-based consulting, digital marketing & corporate trainings
Requir Stats Requir Stats Yash Kamath, Founder & CEO Making the statistical analysis simpler & easier, the company provides high ended data analysis solutions. They offer services including results writing, data visualisation, article conversion, protocol designing, data cleaning, ethics filing consultation & so on
Varion Advisors Analytics Varion Advisors Analytics Jyotishree Pandey, Director Empowering business with advanced technologies, the company provides insightful technology & data analytics support to transform the business outputs. They offer services including data bank & management, cyber security & IT risk assessment, software development, data analytics & engineering and so on
Vindiata Vindiata Subrajit Kumar, Founder Making data-driven decisions to gain business standards, the company provides tailored end-to-end BI solutions that resonates with business growth. They offer solutions including data engineering, business intelligence, custom predictive modelling, data automation and end-to-end business services
Zykrr Zykrr Kanchan Khera, Founder Managing & elevating the experience of employees, the company brings actionable insights & customer centric accountability across organisation hierarchy & real-time visibility. They serve for various industries such as financial services, insurance, healthcare, education, automobiles, travel & hospitality and more