• 10 Best Data Analytics Startups-2016
  • 10 Best Data Analytics Startups-2016

    As we stand on the cusp of a BI volume revolution, significant changes are being witnessed with improvement in mobile technologies, the cloud maturing into a powerful business entity and neo web development tools that are taking IT to the next level of the BI wave. New business insights, improved decision making with greater finesse are the key benefits that many enterprises are already witnessing by turning more data into actionable insights an increasing array of data sources -data that stems from within or outside of the organization. While BI has traditionally been a non -social phenomenon, the increasing collaborative features...

10 Best Data Analytics Startups-2016

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
99retailstreet 99retailstreet Alok Jayant, Joydeep Dutt & Sandeep Mahapatra, Ceo & Co-founder, Coo& Co-founder and Head-Sales & Co-Founder Provides a common commerce platform on cloud targeted at the large unorganized retail segment comprising “Kiranas/ Kades”, Pharmacies and other consumer facing retail businesses.
Ask And Relax Info Ask And Relax Info Molly Joy , CEO Builds comprehensive design & communication services, solutions for direct marketing initiatives, from design to content writing and production assistance.
Kreate Konnect Kreate Konnect Abhishek, Co-Founder & CEO Builds data analytics model for the e-commerce industry that are fashioned to track everything from price points, product types, possible reasons for purchases, probability of buying again, consumer behavior, product reviews and per unit economics.
Kudwi Kudwi J.E Charles , Chairman Key focus areas are Analytics Consulting, Analytics Training (Data Analytics with R, Tableau, IOT ), Product Development and IOT.
Neurapses Technologies Neurapses Technologies Vikash Sharma, Director Delivers technical expertise spanning across domains such as text analytics, pattern recognition, logistics, supply chain process and machine learning.
StatsMetrika StatsMetrika Gourav Chouhan, Founder Focus lies on solutions for Customer & Marketing Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Text Analytics, Digital Analytics and Data Management.
VirtuoSource VirtuoSource Sunil Jain & Manohar Rao, Founder & President & CTO Provider for suite of business analytics solutions through an innovative cloud-based Business-Analytics-as-a-Service (BAaaS) platform.