• Statfinity: Driving Business Growth Bandwagon With A Robust Data-Backed Technology Solutions
  • 10 Best Data Science Startups - 2023

    Data Science going Extra Miles to Cater Business Needs In today’s world of internet and social media, people are actively available in virtual world rather than the real one. Billions and more users connect in these social platforms in a daily basis and share information in the form of images, videos, and many more which results in rapid data growth. However, this rising Big Data is not an overhead anymore and now companies are using this to achieve an unbeatable growth to sail faster from their competitors. Data Science & Big Data Fostering a Better Future The development of big data, data analysis, and quantitative statistics are driving the term data science. Data Science is nothing but the study of extracting insights from a massive amount of data using...

10 Best Data Science Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Statfinity Statfinity Shantanu Jain, CEO The firm provides scalable, state-of-the-art, and insightful solutions to real world business problems using the power of data and using the most powerful technologies for data science and analytics for enhanced decision making
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Datafoundry Datafoundry Vivek Kalagara, CEO A team of domain experts, data scientists and software developers using a combination of AI/ML to deliver insights and process automation to key business processes to enable digital transformation of life sciences companies
DataToBiz DataToBiz Ankush Sharma , Co-Founder & CEO A team of experts committed in helping businesses and enterprises adopt advanced technologies like data science, artificial intelligence and business intelligence technologies
Earbor Earbor Ram Patibandla, Chief Technology Officer An enterprise software company, which focuses on providing fully integrated cloud-based applications to businesses of all sizes for effective management of direct commerce
Lead Semantics Lead Semantics Vinay Panchangam, Data Scientist A semantic and neural NLP based applied AI company has developed an applied AI platform that leverages neural NLP and semantic technology to extract knowledge from text
Razor Think Razor Think Shashikala V., Head-Human Resources An artificial intelligence (AI/ML) company forecasting services for companies that sell or manufacture tangible products
RealBox Data Analytics RealBox Data Analytics Arjun Sudhanshu, Co-Founder & CTO The firm seamlessly integrate analytics into your product and the software blurs the lines between analytics and your product workflow
Terra Edge Soft Terra Edge Soft H K Gohil, Founder Director The company AI solutions & Network services geared towards automation of processes & systems in various industries
The Math Company The Math Company Anuj Krishna, Co-Founder A global data analytics and data engineering firm enhancing their analytics capabilities, using our next generation, proprietary platform
Thoucentric Thoucentric Neelakshi Kotnis , Founder and Director A niche consulting firm that uses relevant digital and functional domain expertise to solve problems in supply chain, sales & distribution, and finance