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  • 10 Best Deep Tech Startups - 2021

    Deep Tech has a major influence on the segments such as autonomous systems, robotics, smart homes, medical devices, clean technology, energy conservation, and numerous other areas of application that expand or emerge. Deep Tech is also distinguished because of its profound strength, its distinction, and its catalytic ability. Deep Tech enterprises have fundamental and defensive engineering innovations which distinguish them from companies that rely on the progressive refining or provision of standardised technology or use only innovation in business models to build opportunities. Deep Tech can cover many fields of technology and can affect various applications. The technical aspects may include innovative processing and computer architecture, developments in semiconductors and...

10 Best Deep Tech Startups - 2021


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Stratforge Stratforge Jesu Valiant,Founder The technology start-up team behind the Stratforge develop Cloud based Innovations. All solutions are built to scale, secure, connect, extend and empower enterprise users all entirely over Internet. There is no spend for clients to research, design, develop
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Agara Agara Abhimanyu, Co-founder & CEO Using the latest advances in Deep Learning, Agara is building ubiquitous, pleasant, and meaningful machine-led voice conversations accessible to all as Agara believes voice conversations should be without friction, without barriers, and without frustration
Aigroedge Technologies Aigroedge Technologies Mayank Rajput, Akshay Taneja & Abhai Tiwari, Co-Founders & Directors Provider of easily accessible and affordable smart Agri tech solutions for specialized agriculture for high performance Agri tech products in the market
DataCrux Insights DataCrux Insights Manisha V Jadhav, Founder & CEO Revolutionizing the data science innovations and technology solutions for business and revenue growth
Drive Analytics Drive Analytics Pradeep Janakiraman, Founder & CEO Specializes in Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Text Analytics, NPL, Python, OpenCV, NLTK, Ubuntu, Flask, RabbitMQ, nodeJS, and HTML5
Kwantics Kwantics Anant Tripathi & Chakrapani Mishra, Co-Founders Provides speech AI solutions for automating and analyzing customer interactions
Manjeera Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd Manjeera Digital Systems Pvt. Ltd Dr. Venu Kandadai, CEO The company is a DSP R&D house designing next generation computing architectures for high-performance computing. They address the bottlenecks of existing processor/co-processor/accelerator architectures
Qubit AI Qubit AI Shreeram Iyer, CEO They are a progressive technology firm, focused to deliver high-performance Artificial Intelligence based solutions for all
Technivorus Technivorus Syed Shahroz Ali, Managing Director The company is a deep-tech firm delivering customized Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, Web & App Development, and multifarious IT services for businesses across the globe
VisionBot VisionBot Amit Chakraborty, Founder The company is developing Neural Networks and Deep learning technologies and forming a culmination of the projects and development work they have done in the field of computer vision applications over the last few years