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  • 10 Most Promising Deep-tech Startups - 2019

    The funding houses see an overreaching business potential in the industry of disruptive technology services. Many early stage investment companies are under the impression that the upcoming bunch of Unicorns in India will emerge from the “Deep Tech” sector. “Deep Tech” is an industry terminology that has been given to the sect of companies which extensively make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and various analytical processes to uncover newer business models. It is increasingly unleashing its flavours amongst Silicon Valley gurus and also taking a significant position in India. The increasing macroeconomic tailwinds are being instrumental in being the driving force in building a position for the deep tech industry while various...

10 Most Promising Deep-tech Startups - 2019

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Constalytics Constalytics Rakhi Chandra, CMO & Co-founder Makes innovative and new age products and solutions using graph analytics, machine learning, NLP & other AI Technologies
Couture.ai Couture.ai Prateek Srivastava & Shobhit Agarwal, Co-Founders Full-stack artificial intelligence platform for hyper-scale enterprise deployment, empowering global leading enterprises enhance omnichannel experience for their users
Delium Delium Simon Roy, , Co-Founder Strongly beleives that automation adoption is quintessential for the success of any busines by building AI/ML to convert data to higher intelligence and self-drive the core function of retail businesses
Drive Analytics Drive Analytics Pradeep Janakiraman, Founder & CEO VC backed, award winning startup founded with the idea of mining insights from Images and Videos and blending those with Text Analytics
Manjeera Digital Systems Manjeera Digital Systems Venu Kandalai, Founder & CEO, Srini Chandupatla, COO & Co-Founder Bringing a fundamentally different approach to computing with very high performance at low power consumption
MateLabs Innovations MateLabs Innovations Rahul Vishwakarma & Kailash Ahirwar,, Co-Founders Envisions a movement of creating accessibility of AI to every man, without having to go into the intricacies of coding
Rsmart Rsmart Vinay Nerli, Founder & CEO, Varadharajan Chellappa, founder & COO Rsmart is a global technology solutions provider having developed futuristic cloud-based products with a proven track record of happy customers
Snapper Future Tech Snapper Future Tech (L - R) Naresh Jain, Prasanth Surana and Avnish Gupta, Co-Founders Delivers solutions to businesses that are easy to integrate with minimum disruptions to the existing systems, therefore delivering high performance, efficient, scalable and secured blockchain solutions
Unifynd Technologies Unifynd Technologies Jeevika Tyagi, CMO A technology - centric company focused on building innovative technology solutions actively consulting and investing in early-stage startups and SMEs