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  • 10 Best Digital Career Coaching Startups - 2023

    Millions and more job seekers enroll everyday for their dream jobs but few of them succeed in their pathway owing to this cut-throat competition in the corporate world. In such situation, it becomes more than compulsory for new-age candidates to take valuable advices from career coaches who have their vast field of expertise in this segment. Working Process of Career-Coach: The professional life always demands for proactive ideas and thoughts which is crisp, compact and concise. These coaches work one-to-one basis to know the needs and goals of their clients and after knowing the whole story they provide their guidance in the particular field and also suggest them the needful ways to do better to rung in the ladder of their career path. If you are a fresher and novice in this...

10 Best Digital Career Coaching Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Brainlurn Consultancy Brainlurn Consultancy Sunil Singh ,Chief Career Coach A qualified and authorised DMIT consultant & career counsellor, committed in having a positive impact on students and provides transformational learning to all the individuals
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Axon International Coaching And Consulting Axon International Coaching And Consulting Santhosh D., Managing Partner A startup initiative for coaching and consulting on the thoughts & believes regarding human capital and well versed in services such as recruitment, staffing, career coaching, life and business coaching
Bodhami Bodhami Ashutosh Shankar, Co-Founder & COO An online education platform providing personalized counseling and learning using digital learning platform and also suggests the right career fitment and skill gaps fulfillment needed for the recommended careers
Career Clinic Career Clinic Koushik Chatterjee, Founder & Director Bestows career counselling & guidance services for high school and undergraduate students, with a team of skilled, experienced, and tech savy professionals
CoachEd CoachEd Anikethan H.V.U., Co-Founder & CEO A budding venture that aims to help students connect the right mentors who leads them to achieve professional success, and also engages them in grasping knowledge about various industries
Dhairya Decodes Dhairya Decodes Dhairya Gangwani, Founder & Career Coach Aims to boost career growth, by organizing various webinars and workshops for career development and growth in national & international colleges
JiyoFullest JiyoFullest Anupma Singh, Founder A personalized coaching platform for life, entrepreneurship and professional growth of youths, enabling ML & AI-based psychometric assessment, appropriate coach selection, data analysis, and data driven outcome measurement
Koach.AI Koach.AI Ishira Bhattacharya, Co-Founder A group of passionate individuals who want to create a large impact on society, and a wide platform enabling growth chain among youths to gain critical skills, to get their first job, to retain their jobs, and to further grow in their careers meaningfully
Uprise Education Uprise Education Siddharth P. Gundecha, Founder A career counseling enterprise offering personalized and accessible career counseling services to individuals of all backgrounds and helps them to achieve success and fulfillment in careers
VidyaPurna Technics VidyaPurna Technics Venkateshwaran Krishnamoorthy, Founder & Principal Consultant A company that focuses on the student community and places a strong emphasis on professional career assessment, guidance, coaching, planning and training