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  • 10 Best Digital Job Platform Startups - 2023

    A Digital Shift in Head Hunting Looking back to one or two decades, one can realize the tremendous change that swept the industries today owing to the advancement of technology. Like any other industry, requirement or head hunting too is a part of this significant revolution and experiencing a digital shift with new form of recruitment strategies, which act as a tailwind behind the HR industry. As per a study conducted by experts shows that the growth of digital media made digital recruiting crucial for HR in order to acquire one of the top talents for the company and both job seekers and recruiters are utilizing social media platform effectively to get the desired results more easily. Which is why, it becomes essential for all to stay updated with technology and trend to be placed...

10 Best Digital Job Platform Startups - 2023


Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Truetalent Truetalent Ansuman Pattanaik, Founder Acquire the top talent with the appropriate experience and skills for employing them as full-time staff
Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Foundit Foundit Srikanth Reddy, MIS - Executive In a vast sea of jobs, the firm helps to fish out the right ones for the potential job seekers
Hirect India Hirect India Raj Das, Founder & CEO Directly chats with verified candidates matched by the AI algorithm to ensures a simple, quick and effective hiring experience
Job Availables Job Availables Akshay Badakh, Founder Helps to bridge the gap between job seekers and recruiters by making the process easy, simplified, and faster, thus reducing unemployment in the economy
Job Hai Job Hai Amardeep Kalra, Senior Product Operations Manager A blue collared Job searching platform helping the recruiters to find best talent and the Job Seeker to find best matching Jobs by using multiple features
JobsForHer JobsForHer Neha Bagaria, Founder An online platform that enables women to accelerate their careers by connecting to jobs, community, mentoring, reskilling & networking
SheJobs SheJobs Swathi Nelabhatla, Founder & CEO A unique portal focusing more on women and their returning to work process to leverage a strong women workforce
Technoculars Technoculars Ravi Teja, Talent Hunter Creates personalised books to help children connect with the magical world of books
Voice Jobs Voice Jobs Sridhar Sundaram, Founder A Smart & Easy Platform for job Seekers and employers or Recruiters to find right jobs or right voice
WorkIndia WorkIndia Nilesh Dungarwal, Co-Founder A pioneer blue and gray-collar job portal unifies and empowers India’s blue-collar workforce by offering employment opportunities across 50 categories