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  • 10 Best Digital Medical Checkup & Medicine Delivery Startups - 2023

    Trimming the Blocks & Intensifying the Healthcare Facilities using Integrated Technologies Technology has become the main component in current circumstances. It is enhancing its features in every industry, and the Healthcare industry is not an exception. It is bridging the gap between the traditional and modern healthcare system. As we all know, the impact of Covid-19 pandemic demanded the entire heathcare system to move the huge range of services to virtual mode. This crisis boosted the essence of technology in Healthcare industry and transformed Healthcare IT to a new level, where today people immediately leverage apps and websites to refer, research and contact. Thus, digital platforms of Healthcare industry are consistently enabling to save life of many patients and...

10 Best Digital Medical Checkup & Medicine Delivery Startups - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
AT24 Medicare AT24 Medicare Rajesh , Director The company enables patients to connect with health care experts to get heath care benefits and treatments and provides online hospital's opd booking. Their aim is to improve health and contribute to sustainable health care
CareNSave CareNSave Nagendra Prasad , CEO Approaching health care with innovative techniques, the company aims to make accessibility to health care for everyone and enables the patients to find the doctors by providing their complete profile, ratings and booking appointments online with detailed information
DOCINDIA DOCINDIA Anuj Singhal , Founder Enhancing the health care platform with huge network of qualified doctors, this firm enhances the communication between doctors and patients through enabling better quality services and improved efficiency
Mediwheel Mediwheel Rishabh Saraf , Founder Digitalizing the health care services by providing medical services such as medical counselling, laboratory tests, treatments and booking ambulance digitally. The firm provides wellness and health check up packages for patients to improve their lifestyle
Medwire Medwire Mohsin Kamal, CEO Aiming to enhance the medical record manangement through a app to provide smarter way to manage medical records for Hospitals, Doctors, Laboratories by leveraging integrated cloud solutions
Relex Health Relex Health Shravan Kesarla , Co-Founder Assists patients to optimize therapeutic outcome and use medication correctly and provides guidance to prevent from costly medical issues. And also they provide complete management for patient records and monitor the impact of medications
Second Consult HealthCare Second Consult HealthCare Priyatham Vankayalapati , CEO Leveraging health care technology, the company provides telehealth solutions to patients looking for effective and personalized expert opinions worldwide. They ensures to deliver 24X7 trouble free services through audio and video consultating from experts around the world
Welmonde Healthcare Welmonde Healthcare Mohammed Nisam , Founder & CEO Intended to help patients to ease the effects of lifestyle related problems by qualified experts across India, the firm bringing innovations in health care and enabling health care proffesionals to deliver high quality services for patients
Whealthyfy Whealthyfy Payal Bajaj , Founder & CEO Managing the health care records such as billing, appointments, admissions, order, tests and medicines, the company brings one-stop platform for all the health care service providers with integrated digital technology
XRAi Digital XRAi Digital Dr. Vivek Sahi , Managing Director Aiming to provide best healthcare diagnostic services by trained and qualified medical technicians through advanced and digital machines with integrated AI, the company delivers accurate imaging and personalised care for patients